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May 15, 2020

In the last post, I spoke about anger. About feeling angry towards the global confinement and destroying people’s livelihood … we had done nothing wrong.

I touched upon not being grateful for easing what they call a “lockdown” —that’s been imposed on billions of people— by extending the prison yard a couple of meters, since that would propel us directly into the Stockholm Syndrome, which actually comes down to feeling grateful towards your hostage taker for allowing you to go to the bathroom when you shouldn’t have been held hostage in the first place. Forgetting the very fabric of the situation we are in.

We are in a vortex of Spiritual Warfare.

Now is not the time to sit down and forgive anything. Now is the time to build up that energy we will need to challenge this system that has always been there – but feels safe enough, via its measurements of control to impose this stuff on us all, in plain sight.

We can now call them out – we know who serves that system more clearly, if it was unclear before the “Pandemic” of Fear.

Metaphysically, I have noticed one thing and so have the people close to me: By not giving into obedience, by keeping up a critical mind, by keeping the indignation and anger at a safe place – the Celestial opens up.

We are all getting an influx of Celestial Light.
We are getting enforced on the account of the abuse that is going on, responding with social indignation and an anger that merges with what we understand as being Emphatic.

The Warriors Matrix:

Empaths vs. Psychopaths – got to cause some friction.
If you go surface based spiritual, all is Blue and Dandy, you will be swallowed like an after dinner mint.
If we allow the Empath and Warrior in us to merge and turn confrontational that will not happen.
The secret is: Preserve your anger/ resentment, find out what is called for and a just cause as a build up to the confrontation. When the battle comes or you chose to go into battle, do not take your anger into the battlefield.
You will have to be neutral, emotionally calm in your battle or you step into a trap of your own making.

It is here that we meet the Ego – spiritual, do I look spiritual, am I spiritual enough?
Sorry, spirituality is not a selfie.

But Jesus said: Forgive??
Jesus supposedly said forgive!
If you can’t make the advisory act from a soul level, Jesus said nothing about forgiving. I believe He spoke of damnation in rather harsh terms. Again, I am not into big religion.

Seen from a metaphysical point of view – this Celestial strengthening, which still amazes me, seem to appear when we are hanging at a cliff edge by the end of our mundane wits. The Celestial can manifest personal – and we call it divine intervention.
If it manifest collectively – we call it a Divine Revolution.

In this current landscape of confinements and all the agendas going on.  We are more resilient than to take it personal – that is why we are so strong and the Celestial enforces us.

I have cried in joy and sadness having a newborn grandchild, some 2 weeks old, that I can’t see, feel, smell, and touch. But, there’s a choice here: Going ego angry or sit it out and accumulate that feeling of loss and use it later. Trust me, it is deposited in the right place for the right time.

Along with this, and that is the Heart opening, we grieve that people can’t grieve their loved ones being buried. That they can’t go to what they see as their place of worship. That they can’t go to work. That young couples leave their house and places of living, because they can’t pay their rent. Honest, hard working Salt of The Earth folks – who never have done anything wrong worth mentioning in their entire lives, are contemplating suicide – “rather dead than broke” and not being able to live up to what they perceive to be their financial responsibilities or financial authorities.
Smells like 2008, doesn’t it?

We know from a metaphysical point of view that, that doesn’t make sense, since they were tricked into a life of “system freedom” by putting themselves in a lifelong debt so the system could control them, but either they got snared into it or they wanted that. Small business owners – with nothing left but broken illusions.
Children, ohh, the children. Marked for life. In some places, the child abuse is up 150 percent along with domestic violence.

There’s a reason for them targeting children: “Get ‘em while they are young – and they will think of it as business as usual.”

Ruining people’s immune systems by “lockdown.” No fresh air, no keeping your body active – do I need to mention elderly with diabetes or arthritis or a weak vascular system. I think not.
Counting who “dies of Corona” and not “with Corona” – is a key that will open a door of deception, which is what they do, cooking the books and as said last: If we focus on the virus – nothing makes sense, but if we focus on control, it all makes sense.

We all have our trigger points in our beating hearts, which is not in any way and by any means our shadow, our ego, and whatever the spiritual community will throw at you. Do not listen to that..

It is pure Heart. It is pure Soul. It is pure: This is where it stops!

We left that when we decided to focus on the whole picture and not just ourselves. We left that when it touches our inner core to see people suffering under false agendas. We left that when we understood that these lying, dishonest, soulless, subhuman sociopaths came out of the woodwork, like hyenas feeding on a dead corpse, and told us all that they are the key to an orderly society, to end suffering, and whatever their dystopian minds can pull off.

They do not have the ability for self reflection, they have no self-awareness, they have no heart, they have no soul, and they have no empathy. That is why they have to take you down – you have something they want.

Let’s build up and give them not what they want, but what we want.

The fuel for that I pointed to. It fuels your beating heart.

Metaphysically, we are now in a reality where the Celestial adds to the fueling, as I touched upon: Here

Celestial Arches – I found myself under those the other night, doing my vision quest. If you see them, they clear your mind, body, and soul for disturbances of the selective mundane (ego) into the collective mundane, soul.

We are closer than ever. Guard your indignation right and guard your energy.

The Crossing is imminent – know that if it seems absent, the Celestial is closer than ever. If you can’t feel it, see it, touch it – reach out for it. But remember, it’s collective and not individual.

In true times of trouble, Dharma becomes clearer than ever.
We have prepared for this battle since we got here as we have done before.
All we want is not some Peace, but a state of Peace.
Living and loving, kissin’ and a huggin’.

Love, Pilgrim

© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services

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