Battlefield Paris

December 8, 2018

Do not mess with the warrior spirit of the French and do not target the poor.

Color of outrage: Yellow Vests rallies sweep across France and abroad

France has been gripped by rallies as Yellow Vests demand new concessions from the government. Hundreds of protesters, including the movement’s leader, were detained during the demonstrations.
Yellow Vest mayhem has hit the country for the 4th consecutive weekend. Protests in the capital this Saturday resulted in clashes between demonstrators and police, with officers resorting to tear gas. Hundreds were detained and taken into custody in the capital.

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Macron too arrogant to quell the riots, analysts say

As France braces for Saturday’s ‘Yellow Vests’ rally, President Emmanuel Macron shunned the chance to address the discontent, sending his PM to the front lines. The president’s arrogance could be making matters worse, experts say.

Chants of ‘Macron resign!’ have become common among yellow-clad protesters opposing the French President’s pro-business reforms – but the man at the center of the people’s grievances is nowhere to be seen. After condemning the violence which marred last Saturday’s protest, Macron is keeping an extremely low profile and will not address the nation until Monday, to avoid “adding fuel to the fire,” according to the National Assembly president, Richard Ferrand.

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Paris erupts again: Tear gas and water cannon are fired at ‘yellow vest’ rioters as ‘Day of Rage’ clashes lead to more than 700 arrests – with protests now spreading across Europe to Brussels and Amsterdam.

Riots in Paris have turned violent as armed police failed to quell thousands of ‘yellow vest’ protesters demonstrating over living costs and proposed tax rises in France, despite more than 700 arrests by midday today.
French police fired tear gas and water cannons trying to stop thousands of yellow-vested protesters from converging on the presidential palace to express their anger at high taxes and Emmanuel Macron.
Dramatic photographs offer a snapshot into the volatile atmosphere surrounding the streets of France, as protesters continue to demand more concessions from the government after Macron’s U-turn on the fuel tax.
Cars were flipped and set ablaze, smoke bombs were launched and tri-colour flags waved in defiance as heavily amoured police fought back in a bid to keep control of the city streets.

The rioting has spread across Europe to Brussels and Amsterdam as Belgium and Dutch police brace themselves to tackle more violent demonstrations.

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