Battlefield Venezuela

January 29, 2019

Yankee Go Home – Get Your Blood-Soaked Hands Out Of Venezuela

We have an American encouraged, financed and orchestrated coup taking place before our very eyes in Venezuela and all we get is a truckload of tripe from those entrusted with the job of news coverage.

It is immensely frustrating to be unable to fully illustrate the rage and fury I feel while watching and listening to the grotesquely biased and prejudice dripping drivel which has risen like steam off a freshly laid tonne of manure from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky News and all the American so-called news programmes in relation to Venezuela in the last few days.

It is a disgraceful, illegal and immoral power grab on behalf of the rich and powerful and ordinary folk are fed nothing but darkness and bullshit by the medium of TV which is supposed to illuminate and educate. The newspapers are unsurprisingly just as bad including the ‘liberal’ ones like the Guardian and Washington Post which have long lost their claim to independence and are now mere manipulated mouthpieces of the wealthy elites.

The great crime the people of Venezuela committed was the rejection of neo-liberal economic solutions to the huge problems of poverty, ignorance and illiteracy which haunted a country so rich in oil reserves that its people should have been living like kings not struggling to survive like paupers.

After years of broken promises from the government of Carlos Andrez Perez, elected in 1989 on a largely anti-cuts and anti-Washington programme, the people embraced the former army paratrooper and avowed socialist Hugo Chavez. He condemned the unnecessary poverty and rampant corruption and nepotism in a country so rich in oil reserves. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. Hence the interest of America in Venezuela’s internal affairs and government policies.

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Act of gangsterism against Venezuela: Trump, Pence, Pompeo star in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

You could scour the bowels of US imperial crimes, from the Mexican-American War to the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, and you won’t find a more brazen cynical act of gangsterism than that which is now underway against Venezuela.
Not since Hitler justified blitzing Poland by claiming it had encroached on the frontier into Nazi Germany has a more blatant set of falsehoods been adduced as a pretext for conflict.

In Venezuela, it will quickly become a civil war that will most likely draw in other countries from Cuba to Colombia and Brazil (as I previously predicted here) with incalculable consequences – not least for the world’s oil prices.

And the “international community” recognizes Juan Guaido. This includes US, Canada and assorted American satrapies across the world. They will likely soon be joined by the so-called democratic European Union, NATO and almost certainly the UK. It is a new form, to be sure – usually the hated Latin American presidents are dead, like Allende in Chile, or have fled or been jailed before the coup de grace is delivered.

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Things to Know About Venezuelan Opposition Leader Recognised as President by US.

US President Donald Trump has announced that Washington recognises Juan Guaido as the “rightful head” of Venezuela in a move that has been fiercely blasted by President Nicolas Maduro as a coup attempt.

In the context of the ongoing presidential crisis in Venezuela, opposition leader Juan Guaido took his own oath of office and declared himself the country’s interim president at a mass rally in Caracas on Wednesday. Here are some key facts about the young opposition figure.

Family & Education

One of eight children, the 35-year-old was raised in the coastal town of La Guaira and studied industrial engineering at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, in 2007.

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Russia Warns US Against Military Interference in Venezuela’s Affairs.

Russia warns the United States against military interference in Venezuela’s affairs, it would be a disaster, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday, noting that Moscow stands for the principle of non-interference in internal affairs.

“We warn against this. We believe that this would be a catastrophic scenario that would shake the foundations of the development model we see in the Latin American region”, Ryabkov said in an interview with the International Affairs magazine.

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US announces sanctions against Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA

Washington has imposed sanctions against the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, seizing $7 billion in assets, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said. The US is trying to force recognition of Juan Guaido as president in Caracas.
Munchin said that the move is to “to help prevent the further diversion” of assets by “former president Maduro.”
Sanctions will be lifted upon the “expeditious transfer of control to the interim president, or the subsequently democratically elected interim government,” he added.

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Venezuela: Trump says ‘all options are on the table’ as US seeks to divert crucial oil revenue from Maduro

Donald Trump has ratcheted up his sabre-rattling over Venezuela, claiming that “all options are on the table” as the US seeks to divert crucial oil money from president Nicholas Maduro.

On a day when Venezuela’s military leadership declared its support for Mr Maduro and denounced America’s interference, Mr Trump responded to a question about possible military intervention by saying: “We’re not considering anything, but all options are on the table.”

Mr Trump’s comments came a day after his administration recognised opposition politician Juan Guaido as the country’s president, after the 35-year-old held a symbolic swearing in for himself on the streets of Caracas.

Canada quickly followed, as did Britain, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and the Organisation of American States.

In turn, Mr Maduro cut diplomatic ties with the US and gave its diplomats 72 hours to leave. He also ordered the closure of Venezuela’s diplomatic facilities in the US.

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