Be A Mystic On A Need To Know Basis

August 14, 2017

There’s a celestial door that will open no matter where we are and what state we are in.

I have always been fascinated by the celestial, if the celestial hasn’t been hijacked by people who consider themselves to be the “chosen” spokesmen or women for the celestial powers.

When I look through my periscope, it really bothers me when I hear, be it from government sponsored religious leaders to shamans in the Amazons, who email and text their students, that they are the chosen ones in times to come. If they were they wouldn’t tell. Simple as that!

Got any of those statements lately from a spiritual teacher: Look for the exit sign in the sweat lodge or the Cathedral.

I met my first spirtitual teacher by “chance”, but talking about the celestial, nothing in this field is ever: By Chance. Neither was this.

I was traveling down the coast of former Yugoslavia many years ago and my journey took me by boat to an island of northern Greece. Arriving there, I took some random bus – as I like to do when traveling – gazing at the azure waters of the Ionian Sea at sunset, my eyes caught a sign on the dirt back road and I got off.

Going five kilometers down a steep mountainside in the dark I laid myself to rest in a grove of olive trees. When I woke in the morning, someone had placed a platter with tomatoes and bread on my backpack. Spiros Limberatos did that and we became friends. He was 80, I was young. He couldn’t speak English and by then I couldn’t speak Greek, but it was a great friendship.

We would work the tomato fields in the cool of the morning and then set out for the main town and me speaking English; we sold the tomatoes quite quickly. Fair deal. In the afternoons we would sit and sip on wine and play Tavli (Backgammon).

One afternoon a flashy Buick with a priest in it arrived at the tavern. He immediately approached us and spoke in Greek with Spiros.. I figured he got the update on me being there from Spiros. He said to me: “ Spiros and Maria love you. Spiros is very uncomfortable with you looking at them directly in the eyes, could you stop that, it makes him feel sinful”. Maria was Spiros wife.

Amazed at this statement I asked Giorgos why they could ever feel uncomftable with that and he said: “ They just do”.

He was a mystic on a need to know basis, I like that.

After some chit chat with my hosts the priest said: “You come with me, pack your things and we will go”.
Okay, I thought I´m a burden here. I´ll tag along. So I got my stuff said goodbye to Spiros and Maria and jumped in.
On the floor of the Buick were some Cartons of Pall Malls and Greek brandy. Every time we would pass a hot chick he would make a blessing and say: “I love the holiday season, I can have sex you know”. Okay…

Arriving at the Monastery I was greeted by fellow monks and priests. He found a little house for me in the back of the onion garden and said: “Meet me outside when unpacked”.

The Monastery literally hung on the edge of a cliff, the sea going underneath it and on the rocks by the sea he was waiting for me.

Okay he said, I will take you in.

Being more than confused I went: Huh?

Okay he said, okay okay okay. When praying this morning I was told to find a student with your eyes and teach him. I heard that there was one staying in the village.

Being really slow here, I still didn’t catch the meaning and had to do a lot of guessing before I finally got it. He was very patient with me.

He took me in for 6 months.
Taught me about the blessing and buggers of spiritual discipline, the esoterics in meditating and understanding the chakra system. He taught me how to remote heal. He taught me to pray. He taught me the power of visions and we would go on a vision quest in sync.

In between that, we would go cruising in the Celestial Buick and when he was in the mood he would charm some very hot tourist and he would come back with a big grin on his face and say: The good lord has many blessings my son, be very sure to accept them!

Having done the esoterics there, I got home with a new understanding; I was very anti-religious at that point because I couldn’t differ between the “Religion” and “God Force” that was really the greatest gift he gave me.

Walking the streets of Copenhagen I actually bumped into a man in an orange sari like dress. Ahhh, he said –  I am giving lectures 10 minutes from here, do you want to join? And the doorway to the East opened.

Which would make me believe, that all good things in this world, celestial or mundane, come from the source of:  The embedded manifestation of the universe playing its synchronistic music through the realms of the void in us.

It requires just a small amount of surrender to join the dancing.

It requires tremendous energy to deny that opportunity.

What kind of music is calling you to the dance floor at the present?

©2013/17 Soren Dreier

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