Be the Chessboard…

June 26, 2018

As we each travel the road toward enlightenment, which for many also means breaking free of the Fear Matrix, we often find ourselves in the middle of a pendulum swing between empowerment and disempowerment. We also find our nervous systems becoming more and more fragile and in need of rest from the turmoil of this world.

We try to strengthen our connection to the vertical, the Heavens, the God force, the Uni or whatever we each label it.

This world, the Mundane, with its craving for our attention and its need to fish the souls caught up in soulful troubled waters, fits us less and less and so do its distractions. They Morph into every kind of ‘noise’ known and partly unknown to us. The world seems to become louder, uglier to watch and ever uglier to participate in. It just keeps on insisting.

The poles being: We crave Celestial and mundane peace within and are caught up in a world not really designed for us; who still perceive using the heart, compassion, empathy and genuine caring about our fellow beings.

Obviously Main Stream Media is designed not to inform us, but as a fear factory, telling us that everything we disengage from is the real thing about this life and dreams of a world designed for people, love and ‘just leave me alone to go about my business in a way that I see fit’ really can’t be done. It’s a naïve dream. A naïve state of mind. Naïve? No it is not.
We are as the frontline of humans trying to toss a coin down the spiritual wishing well of broken dreams and visions of a world in balance, which would include us as being in our own world of balance.

It’s David versus Goliath for all of us. The strategy of winning here is to find exactly where to aim, since every mean of brute force has its Achilles Heel.

Some know where to aim at the Dragon of the United Forces of Destruction, whether it be systems of belief deigned to lure us in when we’re most vulnerable, systems of Big Industry healthcare that neglect to tell us cancer has a cure already, telling us that vitamins and minerals are deadly and if you get cancer struck the only good thing is to be connected to the Machine of Healing via chemical tubes that messes up our immune systems. Now pass over the CBD and what have we and tell us that we are in charge of our health – not bloody Wall Street and Big Cancer.

What we need to focus on is our spiritual nervous system that has to deal with all of this Mundane ‘noise’ in order to let us enter a room of tranquility and bliss. Seems impossible, but it is within reach, since it is for each of us a question of finding that room amidst the great war of collective suffering and stress.

The New Ice Age is not so much a meteorological term as a psychological – metaphysical phenomena; it is what most of us are trying to melt, sometimes with a hairdryer. A frozen world can be melted; it basically just depends on the number of people trying to warm it up.

As we walk this road, some meditate, some pray, some try to eat healthy (an option that’s rapidly deteriorating), some do movements on yoga mats and those who feel they have the right spiritual praises often find themselves caught up, as I mentioned: In the swing of the Pendulum, bouncing from a state of balance to a place of imbalance.

This very much stresses people spiritually, and that is a contradiction since a state of spirituality, grounded sober spirituality, clearly expects to find everlasting bliss, explanation, the safety of Knowledge and so on… but we still feel fragile and not especially empowered as a state of mind.

The problem is that a large part of our journey is pre-states and not the settled state in which we can seek comfort. The explanation is that often the journey is vision based, and a lot of people stay there and think that they reached the goal. They thought that the brain (thought) could solve that –  it can’t.

The goal isn’t reached until it is an experienced reality. That is why I wrote a great deal about the gap between a theoretical spirituality and an experienced reality.  In order to fully experience metaphysics, it would involve: Thought, Feel and Body. You know… mind, body, spirit. If it stays in the mind, well….

The genuine thing is the Experienced Reality and then you become a Mystic simply because the spiritual awesomeness or explanation of Purpose, lies within that framework as an experienced reality and not some hyped up pimped up version of trendy – trendy waves of external spirituality.

Spirituality isn’t a coat you put on, spirituality doesn’t move in herds like lemmings drawn to the sea of the latest micro dozing super spiritual buzz, all traveling to the same Mayan ruin. It is the spiritual selfie up against the spiritual self-portrait of a face well used in its toning and a body sometimes weary to the bone.

Fellow traveller on the road of sober spirituality: There is a solution, and in order to heal yourself, the only thing you really have to do is give yourself permission to go there. Into the healing darkness.

It seems like a common trade on this road, that we become more and more introverted in the middle of our need to express what we found on the way to help others in the same situation. So, there is also a pendulum swinging between the need for introverts and taking the stage to whisper our truths from the rooftops. Both are very much needed, but still in my optics – it can be quite suiting to have faith in the process, to trust it and cut off the eagerness to come: Home.

Surface based spirituality will always tell you in its core, that you are in some mundane structure of feudalism projected into the heavens.

Do not ever fall for that, since you just exchange one power structure with another in order for you to feel safe, because Father and Mother still rule your life, even laid out as a fascist power grip, not that of your soul but your Ego. Simply because the Ego cannot grasp freedom, self-empowerment and detachment from thinking that you are inferior, and because of that you are always under bloody judgment from entities unseen. The invisible ‘Holy’ construction lurking somewhere, even from above, waiting for you to make ‘mistakes’ and give you some kind of punishment.

The term: Unconditional Love is often associated with the Celestial. Most say that – even surface based New Age. What part of Unconditional don’t they understand? It is clogged with conditions apparently.

The Love From Above is Unconditional.

So, either many people can’t deal with the undivided celestial freedom to express themselves or they are led astray by rules of do´s and don’ts. It is very logical to assume that the span of lifetimes will be many on the note of: Please live your life as you see fit, express yourself in a way that you see fit and you got it! I sure prefer these needs are expressed from a point of passion, caring, loving and harmlessness toward fellow beings.

A seasoned Spiritual Warrior knows that a state of Harmlessness is no opposite to the Fierceness and warriorhood you need to express if your boundaries are crossed. If you are a man: The feminine gets in harm’s way and you step in and protect it. And if you are a woman, the feminine steps in and protects the masculine.

I am quite certain that most of us would like to stay in the Harmlessness state of being, but this world keeps calling us out, even now entering the greatest collective turmoil yet to be encountered in this place of life we came down to improve in. Yes, that war is coming. So, shit of unseen proportion is about to hit our spiritual fans. We need to prepare for that and we need to keep on rocking and the strength to do so lies in the Healing Darkness.

As we go, we become more and more sensitive. This happens because we fine-tune our five senses (the ones society tries to take down.) Our perceptions. Our physical vision. Our physical hearing. Our tactile sense. Our ability to smell and taste.

We try to raise them – the response is: Collective lowering. It shows in the uptake of physical noise. It shows in the food in the Matrix buffet. It’s done in terraforming, and basically it shows in the decline of every moral compass they have to offer. Low frequency shit 365 degrees closing in. And there we sit in the midst of it, trying to fine tune ourselves into higher states of being and sensing.

Did you know that the more attention you put into your five senses, the more you will raise what so many spiritual seekers crave: The 6th sense? The more delicate we can make, or better, transcend these five senses, the more they gather in the 6th? Many think it’s the other way around: That the more we overlook and bypass the five senses the more intuitive we get. That comes later when life is lived out through those five senses, insisting on beauty to reach our sensory systems (nervous systems). We start to filter where we need to put our attention, what will drag us down and what will lift us up to where we belong.

All of this to say, you need to give yourself a time out when the nervous system goes into overload, brain spinning, heart pumping and frankly you think you’re going bonkers. “Just can’t handle this stuff anymore.” Listen to that, because you’re just so God damn tired and can’t carry any more.

The hypersensitivity kicks in and every little petty sound sends shockwaves through your system. You can’t handle a disturbing visual input, violence, a child crying, somebody being lonely, somebody being nasty again or whatever you feel is just too fucking much to take.

I am talking about a physical room, where these things can’t hit you. Seek solitude. Seek healing. Seek self-recovery.

Create the practical boundaries you need. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your love: I need solitude. Turn off all machines of communication. It might be for an hour it might be for a week it might be for a month.

Maybe find that room. Treat yourself as your best friend in such times. It has been a tradition among mystics to know this and practice this.

That puts on in a position where we can observe and not identify with all the misery served to us or we seek out ourselves.

Be the chessboard and not one of its pawns, they cant move by their own.

© 2018-21 Soren Dreier – Guidance

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