The Blue Morph

August 29, 2015

When going into the Morph I noticed a new dark dazzling blue I haven’t seen before in the Morph. I asked around and some of the people I guided through meditation had also noticed it.

Usually one can get things, feelings, sensations out of the Morph and into the ‘Daily Life’ – people experience getting small gifts, tokens, not physically but more in the etheric.
It´s a joy to behold when someone experiences that. I have a friend who met a beautiful panther in the Morph. It came with him as a protective spirit and sometimes he even growls unwillingly. It’s the panther, not in him – but with him.
More on such things: here

He was going through a difficult time and needed strength, so it makes sense.

He couldn’t see it himself with his normal 3D vision – but he felt it.

Others get symbols, or small figures. It’s all-good.

It’s also a bit tricky since the Morph is not a distant thing; it’s a field all around us, so one could argue that these experiences are there anyhow.

The Morph is in the Void and the Void is like an onion, it has layers upon layers of hidden reality and the Morph itself is just a layer or a realm in the Void.

We are actually very lucky to be able to know beyond a shadow of a doubt through the insight of quantum physics that we are the Void, since we, like any other matter, are made of 99.999 percent Void. We are, in ‘known’ history, the first generations that are able to see for ourselves what was formerly hidden knowledge in the minds and hearts of Yogis. And that is not trademarked to the eastern philosophies or religions; it also was an experienced metaphysical reality in Christian esoterics.

The God Force is the Void. It penetrates everything and once we experience that, we will know that ‘Death’ is impossible, since we are the Void and the Void is eternal.

We can’t have a Void that vanishes or ceases to exist since a ‘new’ Void would replace it. A cosmos or a universe without a void is quite impossible to imagine and diving into that argument of a Void-less cosmos. It contradicts everything we know of.

When I discuss this at seminars some people would go: “You should go Ayahuasca on this and you will see…”

No need to. Since it’s all about understanding the Void as layers in an onion or differences in mystical frequencies, still the same ‘Building’ but different floors.

I had a vision once in the Void though: I went in to what some people see during an Ayahuasca journey and describe as ‘the dazzling darkness’. They see it as the limit of perception. It is not a limit, it’s an invitation. Within the ‘dazzling darkness’ are the dazzling dark monoliths.

When I saw them (No Aya) it made me think of the first ‘Men in Black’ movie – where they deposit our planet/universe in a drawer in a giant filing cabinet, because the monoliths are not that big, about 60×100 cm and if you enter them: You are in different universes, with different voids and different laws of nature.

I don’t even think that what we perceive to be our universe is the full story of content since we have to embed the understanding also of our universe’s different wavelengths. We talk of 4D and 5D… That’s like scratching the surface…. and we so long for 5D or some do, and when we get there we are still more or less on the ground floors.


The dazzling blue of the Morph has a pulse. Its pulses in sync with the heart and it charges it. That charging is much needed since it’s impersonal and since our linear concept of time is a bit distorted in the Morph, which is quite logical since there is no such thing as time. We will need that pulse in the years to come.

So I guess it’s fair to say that things will get shook up on a personal and collective scale.

There is safety in remembering: I´m in this world but not of it.

If you come over the Blue in the Void, breathe it in and hold it in your heart.

It will protect you.

Its holds the vibration of the eastern philosophies and the western esoterics. In the blue of the Morph or the Void they are united.

So will we be. When heart- and whole-fully united within – we are consciously eternal.

© 2015 Soren Dreier

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