Boy With Autism Fails Exams, But…

July 17, 2016

Teacher Ruth Clarkson of Lansbury Bridge School & Sports College wrote a touching letter to an 11-year-old boy with autism after he failed his SAT exams.

Named Ben Twist, the boy recently took his SAT exams, and even though he did his best, the results weren’t what he was expecting. Mrs. Clarkson took to consideration that exams aren’t everything and wrote that in a touching letter to the boy.

The teacher pointed out that Ben has many other talents that aren’t measured in these tests. Those include his artistic talents, his abilities in sport, his musical ability, his kindness, his growing independence, and much more.

After Bens mother, Gail Twist, read the letter she was left in tears. She found it so touching she posted a photo of the letter on Twitter with the caption “In tears. A letter to my 11 yr old autistic son from his school. “These tests only measure a little bit of you”.

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