Breathing: Sweet, Sweet Jesus

February 14, 2020

I have often touched upon the Field of The Christ. I would like to go there again.

When I talk about the Field of the Christ, I am not talking about the “biblical” Jesus as in Big Religion, but as a field of consciousness, and that field is sweet in its essence embedded with compassion, empathy, and, of course, Love in its purest form.

There is a very interesting vortex in that field woven into the fabric of love and that is the confrontational aspect. So, we are not into at any means: Sticky Sweetness and being confrontational, which the life of Jesus shows: ‘”Take these things from here! Do not make My Father’s house a house of trade,” and so on.

We have long spiritually been conditioned to think that putting up a resistance, putting up boundaries, setting limits – are the poor signs of the Ego still having its say. That is not correct.

It can be quite the opposite, since Love also embeds giving other people a crisis or stirring up a conflict so they can move on, change, or whatever they need to do. There is a profound truth in: Sometimes the Celestial breaks your heart in order to save your soul.

Inside this also lies the question of our own boundaries, since when you are superspiritual, you are not supposed to have any!

Not having any boundaries is not being superspiritual, it is having little knowledge of one’s Self often morphing into: The Pleaser.

Seen from a mystic’s perspective, since the Field of The Christ embeds all the mystic we can ask for in several lifetimes, it is about understanding where You are, even though we all know we´re in a constant evolving field of outer and inner changes and where others may be.

Sometimes people just need to be loved in spite of who they think they are, and we have to bypass judgment (another hype endorsed by the Big Religion Jesus) and give them true, heartfelt acceptance – and we do not stir up any winds of confrontation.

I previously wrote this: Opening The Celestial Gate – A Key, with an exercise to approach what you perceive as Holy. Everything you perceive as Holy is Okay, you might be right or you might be wrong – none of my business. It’s solely your business and a matter between you and the Celestial.

What I like to challenge/confront is spiritual/biblical insights that are not really insights but parroting what somebody wrote through the river of time. What I would never challenge is personal celestial experiences or mystical experiences.

Live it – do not just recite it.

Here is a very simple exercise with a powerful effect:

Try this for 2 x 10 minutes a day:

When you breathe in, say silently within yourself: “Sweet, sweet Jesus.”
Then exhale and say silently within yourself: “Sacred Soul”
and repeat the breathing.

Keep your eyes closed and focus only on your breathing.

This will align you to the Field of The Christ and you will tap into that field and that field will tap into you.

You will register that there will be sensations in your body, and they can be sensations of warmth, cold, itching, and so on. That is the Field entering.

In your mind, you can experience: Bliss, claustrophobia, fright, safety.

What we perceive as negative emotions or sensations is actually darkness leaving. Inner darkness will put up a battle and you have to be persistent.

Do not identify with it, since that darkness will play you the fear card in order to pull you away from the Field of Christ.

Carry on for as long as you can and stop if it becomes too much.

This purge, should you experience it, is also our programming from Religion and such, and what we have seen of evil in the name of Jesus. That Evil is NOT embedded in the Field of the Christ. Compassion, Empathy, Love are, as mentioned, and, of course, a canopy of Higher Emotions and States of Minds, without one ounce of negativity in them.

Just pure loving consciousness and all that it embeds.

Happy Breathing.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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