Canadian Health Officials Recommend Using ‘Glory Holes’ For Safe Sex

July 24, 2020

Health officials at the Canadian CDC have officially endosed the use of “glory holes”

Advice for engaging in safer sex amid the Coronavirus pandemic was released by British Columbia’s health authority.

They suggest avoiding face to face contact and using barriers like glory holes.

RT reports: The list of tips, titled ‘COVID-19 and Sex’, was released by the British Columbia Center for Disease Control (BCCDC) this week, promptly catching the eye of many on social media. The document shares pertinent advice about how to have sex during the pandemic, with some of the kinky advice raising many an eyebrow.

The health authority said that during these hard times, masturbation might indeed be the best option, stressing that “you are your safest sex partner.” 

If one still needs company – and does not feel sick – he or she should “wear a face covering or mask” during the act and “avoid or limit kissing.” It added that people should definitely not share sex toys.

“Wash sex toys thoroughly with soap and water before and after use. Do not share them with multiple partners.“

ll in all, face-to-face contact during the deed should be avoided, and any means to ensure limited contact will do, the authority said, suggesting that sex partners can use not only masks, but other obstacles.

“Use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact.“

The new tip sheet was inspired by a document released earlier by the health authority of New York City, BCCDC spokesperson Jane Campbell confirmed. The American safe sex advice did not directly call the glory hole by its name, but did share some invaluable insights on how to stage orgies (if absolutely necessary) amid the pandemic.

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