Canceling ´Cancel Culture´

October 11, 2020

Cancel Culture’ seems to have their backstabbing periscope so far up people’s butts, that they are choking on it.

Things said and done 5,10,15.20 years ago weaponized to take people down, that dare stick their neck out in the present moment and while doing that the taking down of: the ability to change, evolve, learning by doing and so much more is merely seen as collateral damage.

Basically, canceling personal evolution, disregarding the cultural, moral and ethical vibe at that time the ‘offense’ took place. Targeting comedians as one example. Comedians are jesters challenging the powers that be.

Comedian checkmate, serves the agenda of the untimely ‘offended ready’, so bravely hiding behind their own narcissism, looking for every flaw they can parasitize on and propel them into the spotlight and their lust for their 15 minutes of fame, applauded by Hollywood celebs, who apparently feel less relevant if they do not support the narrow minded, now a days – translated into Woke, while doing Aya with their celeb shaman, and Gwyneth’s Vagina flushes – to come out as zuperzpiritual.

Forgiveness, is the cornerstone in every spirituality and should be in a society that dropped its compass – now posing as a marathon-run for people without any sense of direction, and hereby a sense of Self, and in a moral and ethically directionless society they would need others to point their way to the finish line.

Everybody heard the starting gun – no one makes it home.

Cancel Culture is a hard-concrete wall that needs to be taken down by sharp tools.

If you´re exposed to Cancel Culture in your life, cancel their influence on you.

They come with a straight jacket and throw you in a hole and toss the key, like parasites all too busy to find their next body to feed on.

Looking for flaws in this word that are irrelevant and by such: a distraction from the morals and ethics of a society mirroring their own parasitic behavior.

You know – the Matrix Big Stuff, they will never see, busy as they are with micromanaging your every opinion, and sense of right in this world and the gift of free expression they hold only dear to themselves, not you or anybody else, but 10K followers on the social media accounts, supported by Main Stream Media.

If you can’t find it in your heart to igonre them, that’s quite Okay. Then you need to take down their wall of self-importance and destruction of expression with some very sharp tools. Their default offhandedness means nothing to you – they have no validity other than the validity you and I give them.

We cannot give them – what we do not have. Which would be the bitter, nauseating fruit of being offended over this and that and everything.

Let’s resurrect: Forgiveness.

© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services


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