‘Cancer-Fighting’ Berry in Australian Rainforests

September 29, 2016

Doctors have begun human trials after promising results from tests on animals.

The seed extract was found to eradicate different types of cancers within seven days.

Denise Powell is one of the cancer sufferers who has joined the trial in Queensland.

She has a tumour in her armpit which is getting progressively worse.

“My cancer surgeon said, ‘I can take that one out, if you get any more you might lose an arm.”

Doctors injected the trial drug directly into the tumour.

“In less than 20 minutes the tumour had gone purple then black,” Denise said.

“Then within a couple of days the tumour just kind of shriveled up and dies.

When EBC-46 is injected it triggers and immune response, activating white blood cells to attack the tumour and shrink it to nothing.

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