Cats, Dogs and Astral Commotion

July 9, 2018

We can only sense, with our physical senses about 5 percent of our physical world, since we only see what is reflected by light, no matter how dim that light may be. Eyes adjust, as we know. So does our hearing, from big city noise to the ‘silence’ of nature. Well, nature isn’t silent, even its most subtle sounds we hear when we adjust our hearing from a wall of sound to tiny fragments of a tranquil summer breeze caressing the leaves.

We have great gifts to explore, awaiting us if we consciously train what we take for granted – the more or less automatic adjustment of the senses, which our senses do. As goes for light, our vision compensates to more or less light. Same goes for our hearing. Taste is the same. We adjust to strong food if we´re not used to it and if we go traveling, foreign cuisine. The same goes for the all the five senses that correspond with the physical world.

Many people don’t know that these senses, which we all have, can be tweaked. You can work on training your hearing by listening to details in what I like to call, a wall of sound. Some music producers know that, and certainly the artist, if the creative consciousness is a bit more developed than today’s post-industrial mechanical music industry.

That is the best music, isn’t it – the music that keeps revealing its secrets long after it has been heard a hundred times. True art.

The problem to unlocking the metaphysical or mystical realms lies beyond that ability we all have to bypass and tweak our senses. As goes for our so-called Extra Sensory Perception, it is really not all that special. I wrote about that in: ‘Transcending the Extra Sensory Perception.’

We have strayed, or been led apart from our extra sensory abilities mostly by the claim of the control system. That claim being conditioning to a system of belief in the physical world, left brain is the only brain that you can trust – yes, lets not risk people dreaming and visualizing another life for themselves, inside the steel cathedral of hope, trust and vision all distorted.

This world celebrates the dreamers only after they have passed, in an embarrassing acknowledgement of what they were trying to say while they were here. That was all too dangerous for the control system, which now holds its mega events of false brotherhood of man to the power of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. It’s a contraction in terms, seeing heads of state get all teary eyed and filled with fake ‘love’ for mankind.

I’m sure you noticed, if you have a cat or a dog, how they can turn their heads and apparently follow something that we think we can’t see or hear.

Dogs are very good at spotting ghosts or entities living in our home. I would always take a dog’s perception for granted, if it does it on a regular basis or in a specific room. The dog’s sensations on a regular basis can be trusted.

Spirits often just pass through our dwellings. Some spirits are very busy it seems, and are traveling in the night to reach their destination. Remember, I am talking about the lower spectrum of the astral layer, so they don’t fly or magically just dissolve themselves in one place and appear somewhere else. That happens in the higher spectrum of the astral spirits (disincarnated humans) or higher beings of the astral realm.

It is common practice in the etheric realm, but in the denser astral they have to walk. Earth bound as they are.

When and if your dog behaves like this, use it as a coach. Follow its lead and try looking the same way and see what you can. I must emphasize the importance of your peripheral vision, since when we speak of the astral, we rarely see the subterranean and other beings straight ahead.

It is a bit the same as when people want to see auras.
How to See Auras – Electromagnetic Fields

The dog can teach us.

The cats are a bit different.

Many cultures and many spiritual directions speak of the cat as a link between the physical and astral layer. Maybe it is so, but I would be careful with a generalization, since cats suffer from overbreeding also and obviously also can have some funky nervousness in their system. Funky, because a cat can be all over the place with its hyper-activeness.

Cats are the masters of spotting the low vibe astral beings and they love to chase that ‘imaginary mouse’ at warp speed across the floors and up a down the walls and on that fairly expensive leather couch you don’t want to have scratched by razor sharp nails.

Some of it is just hyper activeness and thereby stress relief and training exercise for the cat, but a huge part isn’t. I don’t have a cat these days, but when I had, I could very well see a fast asleep cat suddenly go ballistic and hunt ‘imaginary beings’ as I described.

What I would do was that I would follow the cat with my peripheral vision and I also saw these low frequency beings, spiders, centipedes and what have we.

The small scorpions are nasty. They can actually sting you and the cats rarely take them on. If you see those, lavender oil is very good to spray on the ankles and you wont get bit. As you may know lavender is in general a very good scorpion repellant in the ‘solid’ world. Just as effective as cinnamon is to ants.

When the cat has laid down its astral prey, it will eat it, lick its paws and rest.

The cat thinks it got a good meal, hence: They have to practice in order to distinct the physical and the astral. In fact, it didn’t, since a physical cat can’t benefit from astral food.

It can on a very metaphysical level feed its astral body but that rarely is the case unless the cat is starving and here we enter another mystery, not only for cats but for all living things in the physical realm: We can feed ourselves on astral food.

Energy vampires – ring a bell?

That is why highly dense people often suck us dry, knowingly or not knowing. If you have ever been with a severely depressed person, who doesn’t want to get well, you will know what I´m talking about or being with people who complain all the time and have absolutely no interest in being just a bit proactive in architecting a better life for themselves, since if they did, they would have nothing to complain about and their high-held status of self-victimization would be uncalled for.

I mean you get really exhausted. You have given away your astral energy and forgotten to protect yourself. And they feed on that low astral vibe and might have a good moment when you’re out of the door and contemplating: Never again.

Man has always learned and has always been taught by the animals in this world. Native people imitated the wolves when hunting for prey. Birds gave us the urge to fly and our vision of freedom from gravity.

How do we express our respect and gratitude? Not that well.

Maybe it’s time for teachings from the animals V.2. To show us the realms we think we cannot see?

It is. Always pay attention.

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