Causes of Oversleeping (+ Dangers of Sleeping Too Much)

July 16, 2021

If you’ve been feeling fatigued and can’t quite seem to drag yourself out of bed lately, you may be wondering, “Why am I sleeping too much?” Given how common insomnia and sleep deprivation are, we don’t always hear about the potential harmful effects of oversleeping. However, sleeping too much can be a real concern if it’s brought about my underlying health issue — such as depression or certain chronic diseases.

How much is too much sleep? What can you do to avoid excessive sleeping?

Below we look at warning signs that indicate you’re not sleeping a “normal” amount, plus tips for lifting your energy and getting more restful sleep. Read on for more about sleeping too much.

How Much Is Too Much Sleep?

Is it OK to sleep 12 hours a day? Not exactly.

While we need to sleep a certain amount each night to help restore our energy and support many other bodily functions (such as cognitive abilities, detoxification and so on), too much sleep can be problematic.

What’s a normal amount of sleep? For example, how much did our ancestors sleep?

As sleep research continues to evolve, experts like the researchers at the National Sleep Foundation now believe that getting between seven to nine hours of sleep per night is normal and healthy for most adults. This is the average amount that adults between the ages of about 18 and 64 years old need to feel energized and operate at their best.

Around seven to nine hours of sleep per night is associated with health perks, including:

-a better mood

-improved concentration

-lower risk for obesity and many diseases

-and even longevity

Researchers believe that our ancestors probably slept for about 6.5 to seven hours most nights, although napping may have been common too.

They also have found that getting more than nine hours of sleep per night seems to be too much.

Consistently oversleeping (also called hypersomnia) for more than nine hours nightly can indicate that something is wrong, whether mentally or physically. This is especially true if someone sleeps this much most of the time and still don’t feel totally rested or otherwise healthy.

While most people sometimes sleep for longer than nine hours now and then, it shouldn’t happen on a consistent basis.

Possible Causes of Oversleeping

What is oversleeping a symptom of? Excessive sleeping may be a symptom of certain medical conditions,

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