Celebrity Masseuse Literally Bites Her Clients

July 2, 2018

New Jersey-based masseuse Dorothy Stein is known as the back-biting masseuse because one of her controversial technique involves sinking her teeth into her clients to “tenderise” their muscle and promote blood circulation.

Dr. Dot, as rock legend Frank Zappa nicknamed Stein in the 80’s, when she used to massage bands just to get into shows, was encouraged to use her teeth as a massage tool by her mother, at a very young age. She was only five when her mom asked her to give her a massage for the first time. However, her hands weren’t strong enough at the time, so her mother asked her to bite her instead. It apparently worked, because over four decades later, Dorothy Stein is still using her chompers to tenderise her clients’ muscles and promote blood circulation.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t her unusual “bite massage” that made Dorothy Stein so popular with A-list celebrities. In the early 80’s she started offering free massages to popular bands backstage, and that’s how she made a name for herself. Def Lepard and The Rolling Stones were among her first clients, and even though she didn’t charge anything, she was able to build an important network of contacts.

Stein only began charging a fee for her massages in 1994, but by that time she had become so famous among musicians and Hollywood celebrities that people didn’t mind paying for her services. Even today, the back-biting masseuse has big names like Kanye West, Katy Perry or Simon Cowell on her client list, and charges around $150 per massage session.

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