Celestial Archers and Walking Away

October 10, 2014

Being in Scandinavia  I took a walk by the sea, contemplating on ‘Celestial Archers’.

While walking, the seals came to greet me. They do that and I find it most intriguing to look very deep into those eyes, which seem to hold ancient tales of wisdom and a gentleness that always reaches into the heart.
So I stood a while in the cold freezing and connected to that promise of ancient hidden mysteries I could see in its eyes.. The seal I engaged with granted a promise of eternity and on a more mundane scale it granted me 10 minutes before it dived under again.

I started seeing the Archers about four years ago when I went into the Morph and hovered over a friend’s house. I knew he was being ambushed by what he described as ghoul attacks and I wanted to see what was going on.

Over his house was this greyish cotton like layer of “clouds” with snakeheads coming out of them. I wanted to wipe them away but couldn’t. So I backed out and prayed for him. I´m not religious in that way, but a big fan of the celestial.
After praying I projected myself back into the Morph and this time I saw an army gathering of what I would like to describe as Celestial Archers riding on Pegasus like Horses.
Very gentle, yet very fierce.
They suddenly attacked the cotton like clouds, the snakes dissolved and so did the fluffy grey stuff. Staying safely behind them I hope I helped a little bit.

Later I started to understand the Archers differently.
They would show up somewhere in the angle of 40 degrees to the left of my forehead. These ones are not that big. The ones I watched over my friend’s house had real life like proportions. These ones are very small, about 1 meter high.

They deal with: “False Influxes” and the “Emotional garbage-can syndrome”.

So I got shot pretty bad. I think of it as a cleansing. Since I have avoided becoming anybody´s emotional garbage can and the Influxes I perceive as false. It was a basic training.

Then they shifted strategy.
Every time I would engage with a person either close to me, friend, a specific circumstance, they would shoot an arrow into my left eye wanting me to wake up.

The white in my left eye turned physically blood red in about an hour. That spooked me. People at my favorite café in town would go: “You need to get your blood pressure checked” or: “What the hell is wrong, cut your eye?”.

Kind of difficult to go: ‘Hey, heard of the 1 meter archers?

So I decided to Walk Away from the circumstances they were helping me with.

The Walk Away:

It’s a very simple and yet very powerful technique. The premise being: “ There´s nothing in this world you can’t walk away from”. But, and it has a “but”: Only if you can do it without an emotional hangover. Which means: Clear break – no regrets. No self pity. No feeling sorry for anyone. Just: Walk Away.

Then there´s obviously as mentioned the Walk Away from circumstances, people who would use you as an “emotional garbage-can” and friends or acquaintances. So I started to disengage every time I encountered an arrow in the eye. It worked.

On another scale it very much is equivalent to the feeling of: “Something’s not right here, with this circumstance or this relationship”, so many people would have in the shift in Morph City. People leaving you, a circumstance flip-flop and twists: What existed yesterday isn’t anymore, like.

The: Letting go. The Hopi Saying: “When the river comes, don’t cling to the shore. Jump in. You might not know it, but the river has a destination”.

The Walk Away has collateral damage: An ex-love might want to hunt you down and trash you, since you “Walked Away”.

A friend might do the same, you never know.
Try to stay calm, they will question your motives, and maybe start to label you as emotionally unstable, aggressive or whatever. It´s their way of levelling out. Let them.
Using the exact same toolbox as the Matrix

Circumstances: You might have a shitty job that you really can’t vouch for anymore. I got a mail the other day saying: “ I hate my job but everybody tells me I´m lucky to have one so I shouldn’t be ungrateful”. You can’t be lucky if you hate.

The Walk Away will only provide us with empowerment!
Maybe there will be a void, so let it be. Voids are very interesting. The quantum field is a 99.999 percent void, so we´re made of it.

We cannot ask anyone’s permission to Walk Away. It will not be granted if they are somehow involved emotionally in the situation. Never.

It’s between us and the fake architecture, that surrounds us.

A lot of people, as you know, are walking away from the Matrix, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Just walking away, resolving to escape. Either to a higher frequency of existence or into what seems to be a void. Which basically is the same.

Disengaging without being intimidated by low frequency emotions of sentimentality, revenge, back-stabbing, internet “take down campaigns” and what have we; orchestrated by busy little bees…..

They will not be looking for the honey in the hive!

Walk Away and never look back in anger.

©2014 Soren Dreier

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