Channeling & Spiritual Inferiority

January 31, 2019

A question that has recently come into view for this writer is – why the obsessive pursuit of communication with unknown entities of unverifiable status, to the exclusion of the exploration of our own mysterious and marvellous spiritual anatomy? Or to put it it more succinctly – why aren’t we interested in channeling our selves?

As a topic of inquiry and exploration, what could be more fascinating than the vary nature of our own beings? Why are we suffering from what appears to be a form of extreme spiritual inferiority? And what is the motivation behind this apparent obfuscation of our own true spiritual identities?

This article is an attempt to provide some clarification on the complex and multi-layered topic of channeling – and to suggest a Human based alternative to the whole edifice. Part one gives a quick overview of the subject, while part two considers an alternative.

Part 1

The channeling of entities and beings has become a culturally mainstream phenomenon. When given a cursory glance it can appear to be a straight forward phenomenon – where certain “gifted” or chosen individuals communicate with disembodied entities, or more usually, allow those entities to speak through them.

The acceptance of channeling by the new-age movement is now pretty much unquestioned. Historically, channeling can be found in the abrahamic religions, in the form of speaking in tongues, divine guidance, the voice of god and angels etc. The term “channeling” is however, disavowed by the churches as it is likely to be considered a form of possession.

What we are really seeing are two forms of “channeling” – religious and secular. Secular (non-religious/church) channeling freely appropriates from any and all religions, spiritual and cultural traditions, while religious channeling maintains a strict canon that differentiates it from the secular world, and other religions. For the church, any channeling that occurs outside of the congregation and the direct oversight of the priest class, is likely to be termed the work of the devil, or one of his minions.

The new-age on the other hand freely channels angels, saints, nature beings, plants, animals, inanimate objects, planets etc etc. This free association could be attributed to the animism of the shamanic traditions, but this is only a partial explanation.

Occultism is closely associated with channeled beings and entities – with Satanism, Luciferianism and Demonism lying at one extreme, and a long list of other occult traditions taking up the middle ground. New-Age “lite” promotes itself at the user-friendly end of the range with the likes of Ramtha and the Pleiadians.

The UFO-contactee phenomenon sits in uncomfortable proximity to the new-age. The degree of conflation between all of these traditions is extreme. Was Jesus an alien in a spaceship? Will the Grays rescue us from a global environmental apocalypse? Are aliens demonic? Religion, the new-age, the occult and UFOlogy seem to be intertwined in a morass of overlapping claims – sometimes in agreement, sometimes in conflict, mostly attempting to carve out their own territory.

To further complicate and obfuscate the topic, the Western mental health profession has labelled the hearing of voices a serious mental illness. The distinction between “healthy” channeling, and schizophrenia is a fraught and murky business. Western culture struggles to accept the idea of a spiritual emergency or a shamanic break. Many of those who in earlier times would have been our shamans and healers, are consigned to psyche wards and medication.

Secular channeling has played a powerful role in the shaping of the Western world – in a surreptitious and often hidden (occulted) manner. Queen Elizabeth the First consulted the occultist and channeller John Dee. A couple of contemporary and well known examples include; Security state ties to the Yale Skull and Bones occult group – with the “skull and bones” said to belong to the Native American Indian leader Geronimo. How ghastly on so many levels!

NASA activities have been influenced by the Nazi Thule Society via German scientists brought to the U.S under Operation Paperclip, at the end of WW2. NASA also facilitated Buzz Aldrin’s performance of a Masonic ritual during the first moon landing. Jack Parsons, founder of the eponymous JPL was an Aleister Crowley understudy – as was L Ron Hubbard for a short time. Crowley famously channeled the grey alien look-alike Lam.

MK-Ultra mind control victims were traumatised into extreme states of dissociation, providing fertile ground for the appearance of entities and possession. Cathy O’Brien gives a full and detailed account in her autobiography. Some elite families are associated with knowledge conferred by channeled entites and occultism. Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” runs right up to the jaggedy edge on that topic.

One final example, which may be of more general interest. The current state of Egyptology and archaeological research on the Giza plateau is profoundly influenced by channeling. The “sleeping profit” Edgar Cayce channeled information while in a trance state, some of which described secret chambers below the Sphinx. His organisation, the Association for Reseach and Enlightenment (A.R.E) has sponsored the education and training of two of the pivotal figures in modern Egyptology – Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass. The latter being a powerful gatekeeper, having until recently, total control over who has access to the Giza plateau, and what research is undertaken on the ground.

Channeling is a massive and at times arcane topic, which is the subject of much research and numerous books. The one underlying theme is the receiving of information from incorporeal entities. The nature of these beings, and the nature of the “information” that they are said to provide is a complex ecosystem in its own right. Just whether or not we want to enter into the terrain of that particular ecosystem is the question we should be asking ourselves. The ultimate question we are left with is – who benefits from all of this channeling?

To narrow the scope a little, we can look specifically at the new-age aspect of channeling. The current new-age luminaries are largely brought to us by the Esalen Institute, and the form of channeling that is promoted is “benign” and “helpful”. Historically, it was in the early twentieth century that Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society made mediumship and channeling an accepted, if fringe activity, which became a celebrated phenomenon during and after the First World War in the U.K.

Mediums found their services in huge demand as thousands of grieving families sought the comfort of contact with those that had been killed in that terrible war. This was the first outing of the industrialised death machine, and the casualties ran into the millions. Thousands of soldiers simply vanished under the artillery bombardments. Confirmation of death was in itself a sought after resolution.

The positive reception to channeling/mediumship was also partly due to a subculture of wealthy and influential bohemian women, who had successfully emancipated themselves. Consulting a medium was given a gloss of respectability. Incidentally, one of these bohemian women was the artist Pamela Coleman-Smith who illustrated the Rider-Waite Tarot. The Waite-Coleman-Smith Tarot more accurately represents its creators, with Rider being the owner of the publishing house. Today’s “new age” has roots in Victorian England.

Part 2

What then, has over a century of documented secular channeling done for us? Where is the global shift to the 5th dimension? Where are the star beings, aliens etc who were going to save us? Where is the saviour that is going to save us? Where is the enlightened and transformed human being?

The promised ecological collapse is underway – but we did not need channeled beings to tell us that. Ditto atomic weapons.

Much of the secular channeled content follows the abrahamic religion’s escatological, end times, apocalypse programming, which is ultimately disempowering and dehumanising. Disempowering in that it encourages us to do nothing while we wait for outside help from a “higher” or at least more advanced agency. God or aliens, you choose. Dehumanising in that it renders useless our own indigenous Human gifts, abilities and capacities. The one thing we are not encouraged to “channel” is our own Divine Beings. Our own spiritual power.

Somehow we have fallen into a state of spiritual inferiority. The one source of wisdom that we seem determined to ignore and dismiss, is our selves.

We Human Beings seem to be locked into an obsessive drive to make contact with, and receive knowledge, wisdom and succour from anyone and anything other than ourselves. We are divine and sacred beings – yet we are convinced that we are completely alienated from our own divine natures. We are beautiful spiritual beings, yet we deny our spirituality and our beauty – on all levels. Every possible human need, absence, trauma and psycho-cognitive state imaginable, seems to have found its channeler and its co-dependent channeled entity.

This inferiority carries over into who exactly becomes a bone fide channeler, and who does not. There seems to be a strange hierarchy involved, with the status of the channeler and the channeled taking on outsized proportions.
High status entities can afford the channeler high status and high financial rewards. High status channelers, by virtue of their established position automatically channel high status entities. Large amounts of money can be made. Fame and notoriety ensue. Large followings can be acquired which easily morph into organisations, institutions and cults. Influence can also be leveraged in the political, financial and scientific worlds.

I don’t know about you, but my sense is that it is time that we simply started to “channel” our selves, in the form of our very own divine, sovereign and sacred selves. Once we explore and map the terrain of our own indigenous spiritual ecosystems, we may then be in a position to choose exactly who or what we interact with on a meaningful and truly beneficial level.

The information received from channeled entities seems largely to be a recursive set of homilies, platitudes and generalities that promote a momentary psychic charge, while in the long term affording little of real long term value. The underlying key to the whole thing may be this “psychic charge” that comes in response to the emotional catharsis associated with the receipt of “messages of hope” from the incorporeal entity invoked. Perhaps this human “psychic charge” is the food being offered to deeply parasitic entities.

It feels like fast food – five minutes later you are left wanting another hit. Instead we can choose to stay home, within our beautiful, sacred and divine spiritual boundaries and nurture ourselves, in a life affirming and organic manner. When we “channel” ourselves we come into alignment with our own core beings, our own life force.

Channeling, as we have come to know it, is largely focused on the breaking of individual boundaries and individual sovereignty. We drop our psychic boundaries (if we had any in place to begin with – but that is another topic) and invite in a total stranger – who we accept at face value, or project an identity onto, that fits our current needs, fears and inadequacies.

At one malignant extreme, malevolent intent drives the entire channeling process – and this approach appears to get the strongest outcomes, a fact that in itself should raise some red flags. While channeling with “good” intent seems to be met with large amounts of psycho-spiritual pablum.

So why not channel our selves? Or even more creatively, why not open lines and fields of communication that do not require that we remain passive, disempowered and disenfranchised? Why not trust ourselves and our own innate and wonderful gifts and powers?

Why do we allow ourselves to remain in this moebius loop of recursive and self reinforcing self denial and self alienation. Once we reclaim our own divine, sacred, energetic and spiritual boundaries, we become able to make informed and empowered decisions. We get to choose who we allow into our sphere of being and who we do not – isn’t that a radical prospect! Of course everything that is being thrown at us by the controllers is designed to prevent that very thing. How often do you hear peace and love mentioned in the media? How often do you hear peace and love being commended in the media? The obverse is the reality – division and destruction on all levels.

Fortunately there are wisdom traditions that offer a clear and functional alternative. Most of these spiritual traditions are indigenous, and they have been targeted for destruction because they offer healing and well-being as an alternative way of being. Historically the Greeks put the Divine Human Being front and centre, with concepts such as the logos (divine reason) and the anthropos (the Divine Human). Socrates “channeled” his own higher self in the form of his Daimonion – his inner voice (nothing to do with demons). So Socrates heard voices – would we medicate or institutionalise him today?

Seership – the act of “seeing” in the non-physical, spiritual sense is an essential aspect of the Celtic cultural tradition. Seers did not channel, but they most certainly had the capacity to see, feel, experience, hear and communicate on levels outside of what we today would accept as “reality”.

The Toltec tradition describes the direct, unmediated receipt of knowledge and wisdom as “silent knowledge” in that it arrives in a manner that defies ordinary sense perception. It is the unmediated aspect that makes Toltec silent knowledge so compelling. Ayahuasca and various other traditional entheogens can, under the right circumstances, be an aid in our opening to our selves.

There are big changes coming to the entire planet, and these changes are right upon us. Now is the time to reclaim your divine and sacred boundaries – physical, psycho-cognitive, spiritual and energetic. The wisdom of ages is at our fingertips in the form the internet. Grab it while you can!

I wish you good fortune and happy sailing in your Vessel of Light.

© 2019 Murray Hill.

Murray Hill is an artist and writer who produces work around spiritual themes. He is an initiate of the Toltec mystery school as taught by Don Miguel Ruiz. He is also a Seer in the Celtic tradition. In 2004 he experienced a life changing moment in the ancient Mexican Toltec capital of Teotihuacan, which brought a lifetime of spontaneous spiritual breakouts into coherent form.

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