Charges Against Jim Carrey Dismissed in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

February 1, 2018

A wrongful death lawsuit brought against Jim Carrey launched by the family of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White has been dismissed in California.

Her estranged mother and the dead woman’s former husband had sued Carrey, claiming he gave her sexually-transmitted diseases and provided the drugs she used when she took her own life in September 2015, aged 30.

But the 56-year-old actor’s lawyer had claimed Miss White forged medical records to make it appear that she had no STDs before meeting Carrey.

Following the dismissal of the lawsuit, a spokesperson for Carrey confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter the matters were dismissed on January 25, but had no comment to make beyond saying ‘Jim is looking forward to moving on with his life now’.

Last year the Hollywood star claimed the Irish make-up artist had blackmailed him over claims he had given her herpes. He said that he paid her an undisclosed sum in 2013.

The actor’s attorney Raymond Boucher claimed that Miss White, a makeup artist from Ireland, had edited the patient information on  a friend’s 2011 STD test to make it seem the records were her own.

Miss White, who dated the actor on and off for three years, used the friend’s medical records and changed the name and date on them.

Texts between Miss White and the unnamed friend show that were submitted as evidence by Carrey’s lawyers show that she asked the friend to obtain her medical records from Planned Parenthood.

One text sent from Miss White reportedly reads: ‘I need to see the layout… I will need to work on it before I give it to him.’

Last year Carrey claimed that between March and August 2013, Cathriona threatened to ‘go to the press’ with false claims that he had given her STDs unless he paid her ‘millions of dollars.’

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