Clueless Ayahuasca Shamans

November 6, 2019

My intent with this little post is not in any way to attack Ayahuasca. My intent is to raise awareness – proceed with caution and common sense.

I was watching a documentary on Netflix called The Last Shaman. It followed a young man’s journey to Peru to try out the Aya as his last resort for healing his severe depression. The documentary was very interesting on many levels.

It also indirectly described the commercialization of Ayahuasca.

So called NGOs moving in when there’s money to be made on naïve Western tourists. They’re pushing the real Shamans out because they are not greedy enough – towards seekers, whom apparently think that Ayahuasca is a thing that you must have on your spiritual resume in order to be “Spiritual Enough.” 

Yikes! Of course not, but with that narrative running around, it surely puts a Million Dollar Business in a sweet place.

Unfortunately, the trailer is not on YouTube. There is one called The Last Shamans, but that’s not it.

There are some Shamans in it, giving a taste of their “enlightenment” to the camera. Let me debunk them, quoting from memory:

Shaman 1:

The pathway (to enlightenment) is closed, but I have the key.

-No pathway is closed!
It´s the same sales pitch you get from: The Pedo Cult of The Children of God—now known as the Family—Scientology, and any given religious or spiritual Cult. The Leader of the Cult has the key.

Shaman 2:

About a tourist dying during a ceremony:

I told him not to take it, but he insisted.

Ehrr: Who is the Authority on Ayahuasca here?

Shaman 3:

The problem with Aya is that it is too money fixated. Do you want to see my stash? There it is for about $250,000. Ayahuasca ready to be sold.

The same Shaman setting up rooster fights for bets on the rooster that survives the ordeal.

I guess I´m a spiritual warrior, I like these fights, that’s why I do them, I´m a spiritual warrior.

-Ehh, Maybe do your own fights and not let your poultry do it for you. Seen in the optics of animal welfare, yup: Maybe not so much a Spiritual Warrior,

Where there is a quick buck to be made, predators will suck on you and you have to listen for the cognitive dissonance in order to spot them.
You are the only one responsible for your life. If you don’t want that responsibility, others will happily take over. 

The best defense is: Never feel that you are entering a realm of the specially chosen one’s – that’s the Lure of every Spirituality gone Fake.
As a dynamic in that – people who dare to question it are Evil, Unspiritual (whateverfuckthatis), and Filled with Fear.


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