Cognitive Dissonance in the Time of Corona

June 21, 2021

There is only one truth and our interpretation of it

There is no ‘my truth’ or ‘your truth’ merely our own interpretation of pure fact.

Our interpretation is the lens through which we see reality and there are many factors which cloud and distort it, to the extent that we become blind to the essential nature of truth. We are oblivious to its very existence.

The current events in the world are far more complex than any of us realise and what we are able to see totally depends on our level of awareness and consciousness.

Far deeper than the surface of political and philosophical understanding, the core of it all is spiritual. So many of us can’t even begin to fathom this because we’ve become totally disconnected from our true divine nature. We are detached from our spiritual essence.

Perhaps this is why humanity is suffering so greatly right now and why so many can’t see. We have become spiritually empty vessels, detached from our source to the Divine. It’s for this reason so many can’t grasp the depth of events.

Anything for an easy life

There are many of us who just want to get back to normal. Back to when life was simple and the world made sense. This new world is intensely stressful for us in ways we’re not even conscious of.

Beyond the basic loss of freedom and restricted means of living, there has been mass psychological stress, perpetuated by lockdowns, lack of freedom and constantly changing rules. It has also been exacerbated by a fear-mongering media campaign that serves to keep us embedded in such a state of such stress that, on a subconscious level, we cannot bear to remain in it any longer.

We cannot underestimate the effects of fear and stress on our nervous system, as well as our mental and spiritual health. This is psychological warfare on every level of our existence and it is exhausting. We try to get on with living but obstacles to normality surmount every means of escape.

It is an inescapable and relentless battering on a constant level.

In this mindset we become desperate to escape this nightmare. This is how the authorities manage us. They dangle the carrot of escape with promises that they do not keep. The promises blur, slowly and insidiously, creeping up on us until we wake up and realise it’s been 453 days of this unbearable way of living.

This is why so many are taking what the hand is feeding, without thinking about it rationally, without questioning it, without thinking of the consequences. Rational thinking in a fear and stress mindset is impossible.

A subconscious rejection of the truth

Evil’s biggest trick is pretending it doesn’t exist. Yet it is here. Never more so than at this time.

Evil isn’t obvious. It is not some monstrous, demonic shadow looming over us. The banality of evil exists in the very ordinariness of life. How have we become so immune to it that we don’t see it playing out right in front of us?

When studying the reaction of other countries as the news of the Holocaust came filtering through, it is clear that few, if any, comprehended the appalling magnitude of it. It wasn’t sufficiently real. What’s more, the continued and repeated information coming in could not break through the barriers of disbelief.

They thought that in their supposed civilised world this level of evil couldn’t be possible. Yet it was. The same thing is happening now.

There are many of us rejecting the information filtering in. It’s unbelievable on so many levels that we can’t bear to confront it. We turn away because it’s too uncomfortable, too complicated, too messy, too inconvenient. We don’t want to acknowledge it and would rather live in the illusion we’ve created for ourselves that one day we’ll get back to normal. Just one more push.

Just remember the Holocaust. Just remember how vehemently we denied it, so awful was it to comprehend. Living in denial will make the final confrontation of truth even more painful for those who go to such great lengths to avoid it now.

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