Conspiracy Theorist – “History is built on lies agreed upon”

November 17, 2020

I wrote some time ago:
‘You will soon be considered an enemy of the State – if you question the official narrative’
That reality is getting closer and closer, as you will know if you follow the stories and video’s on sober alternative media.

It is just a very small phonetic tweak to go from: Conspiracy Theorist to Conspiracy Terrorist and that is where things are heading.
It is a very small step and it is coming, for the System Of Fear to label you as a Conspiracy Terrorist and it is no small step when they do.
Don’t ever fear that! Its a sign of them losing their power over people minds.

It probably would be a jolly good idea – to deny delivery of the phrase Conspiracy Theorist, when the System of Fear sends it your way.

Let me take some, that are obvious to us – but not to the Lame Stream Media/Big Tech narrative censorship lawnmower:

Vaccines, when we challenge them, we are labeled = Conspiracy Theorists
– Hardly, we have researched them and they can be very harmful.
So what we challenge here are what is labelled ‘Wonder Jabs‘ also in general and not only the Bill Gates/New World Order Corona-tion vaccines.

Anti Lock Down, Face Masks etc…
Could it be, that we are a bit skeptical about this Corona-tion virus, we look for inconsistencies and contradictions and actually stumble upon them, plenty? Some are to bloody obvious, also for well respected doctors ect…that are being gagged.
Could it be, that we feel like that this is a political virus, used as a political tool, to take our basic freedom away from us?
If the System of Fear would like to take our Human Rights away from us, in a narrative of mass hysteria, spell casting, and mass hypnosis and trauma programming, shouldn’t insist, that a measurement like that, is well documented and at least, at least folks – are up for a debate?

The American election:
Yes, Biden ‘won’, folks – no need to ask questions, since if you do, you apparently support Hitler (Trump).

Allow me to add this to the stew:
‘When we are not allowed to question these narratives and are being met with censorship by Big Tech (who has shown their true colors) and lame stream media makes you the target for far away laughter – there is / has to be, something fishy going on.

Let me also point to the last episode that comes to memory:
‘We are lookin for and have proof  (!!!)that Saddam Hussein has Weapons of Mass Destruction’
Facilitated by Bush Jr and his gang of war criminals (which has never been put to trial) and the same Lame Stream Media, pushing the same lethal agenda. If you ever doubted that, when it was unfolding = you were Unpatriotic.

Today, it is a official narrative, that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Did anybody from the same outlets ever look back? No.
Did we? Yes.
And we will continue to do so, because we look for the truth, and we will find it, even in the darkest of corners.

That is all we do, no matter what they throw at us.

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Napoleon: “History is built on lies agreed upon”

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