Conspiracy Theorist!

October 19, 2020

It seems like the narrative of calling people even slightly skeptic of every State Propaganda put out there is waved off by calling the skeptic a: Conspiracy Theorist.

Do not accept that. It’s State and media bullying, it’s labeling and it’s become degrading.

The collaborators of State Propaganda, Main Stream Media – never lies neither does the State as we have seen it throughout modern history. They are just trying to protect you because they care so much about you…do not ever question that!

Finding it hard to breathe in general or is it just the Face Diaper, preventing us from breathing in the fresh air of truth, in a time where even asking questions is labeled as a conspiracy – and the lie is not?

The truth in any shape, form and size, doesn’t need a support system of censorship and the tools of marginalization and ridicule towards critical voices, in order for it to walk this Planet – The lie does.

Raise your voice and refuse the label.

Wicked times indeed.

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´History Is Build On Lies Agreed Upon´


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