Contemplating Angels

March 21, 2020

Speaking of  Angels, there is always a choice to be made: whether to describe their realms theoretically or as an experienced metaphysical reality.

Since I said in a recent post: ´We need a lived spirituality´, I will go for the experienced, then into describing the realms,  but first some overall remarks. Often, relating to these metaphysical realms and having different entities in one’s life is a question of perception.

Some people see them with their physical eyes, which is usually very rare, but most see them with the inner eye. People I know, have seen Angelic beings under the influence of DMT. I have never done Ayahuasca, so I wouldn’t know – but I trust the people who have told me about their visions of a kaleidoscope of non-biological beings, whether they be smurf like nature spirits or mighty Angelic beings.

I can also say that if Angels are supposed to be a myth, it must be one of the really solid ones, since ancient scriptures in different spiritual belief systems talk of them. In our daily lives, the word or the concept of Angels seems to be used frequently. It is very popular in songwriting and lyrics, and we seem to know naturally what the person is singing about. The overall idea of angels is spread across cultures and religion.

On a side note: Johan Sebastian Bach´s: Air is, I believe to be, music that is inspired and possibly channeled through the angelic realm to Bach’s consciousness. Similarly, it is believed that certain passages of Vangelis’ 1492, is music inspired and channeled through what in Christianity is, The Holy Spirit. It’s all very interesting.

I have to say though, if you want to approach the Angelic Realms, you will have to forget all about religion. That is very important.

Angels were there long before religion and will be after the fall of religion. Religion in the New Dawn will be a gentle breeze that caresses your spirit and soul, free of fear, free of judgment – it will be the age of the soul.

What’s interesting about religion is the spiritual, metaphysical energetics, as I have touched upon before in: ‘The Hidden Awakening Inside Religion’.

In order to deal with the Angelic Realm, you have to make room for them, since they do not like ghouls or the denser nature spirits -impose themselves on you. If you don’t believe they are there – they aren’t and they generally won’t interfere in your daily life.

I’m not talking about Guardian Angels or Celestial Helpers; I am talking solely about the Angelic Realm – which is tied in with the human realm but in a way that they have their own evolution. However, their evolution is very much tied in with human evolution and it is so, that when we are ‘finished here’ – we can transcend to our next evolution in the angelic spheres, continuing our evolution in the Angelic Realm if we wish to do so.

Some believe that Angels can do the same – be born as humans.

This is so, but it’s not a shift in evolution as we can do. They can often choose one life to experience in human form, which I actually think makes sense if we perceive them to be Celestial Helpers – and they love to help out.

Making room for them is not difficult.

Not so long ago in our past, with the exception of some enlightened rishis, seers and shamans, we were not aware of microbiology. We had no knowledge of say: bacteria or microorganisms. We didn’t know they existed. We could have suspected maybe, that some entities were responsible for our ailments, if we didn’t cling to the stupid idea of Sickness being a punishment of some angry Gods.

Fairly late in our current evolution, we became aware of microorganisms, through the lens of basically a magnifying glass. So today – even though we can’t see the micro-cosmos with our physical eyes, we often see it with our inner eye. It’s not difficult to visualize bacteria, since we have the magnified pictures available to study. Even though there is bacteria that varies from other bacteria in appearance and function, we have a general concept and an inner voice of that perception, which will make us go:

There’s an old sponge in the sink, it’s fairly alive and oozy, better sterilise it before it actually starts walking and wash my hands or whatever the situation is.

It’s all about perception and to make room for that perception if we want to engage with Angels – invitation only it seems, but as you can see, it’s not elitist in any way.

This is the ground rule.

I am well aware that there are reliable stories out there about Angelic Intervention.

Stories of people being trapped inside the rubble of an Earthquake for days – that felt an angelic presence that suited them though their ordeal and kept them calm with a promise of: You shall be found.

I would think this is so, but with these stories I also have to take into account – that our mind copes with life threatening situations in many ways and is fully capable of creating a suiting and healing scene, which is a projection, in order to deal with the fear and the horribly claustrophobic situation. Other stories are taught throughout religion, as sudden angelic interventions and visions, but the problem is that the actual metaphysics of these stories are too tied in to fitting a particular religion.

Metaphysics was here before ‘modern’ religion and when religion went for the souls, it basically, like many other things, hijacked the concept of Angels to serve its need for awe. The Angelic realm was basically hijacked into being messengers of God, which actually gave the ghoulish beings a grand time, since they are very clever of impersonating angels.

That dynamic still holds, and if we engage in and with the Angelic Realms, we have to be very careful that we are not being tricked.

I read this the other day. It was a ‘channeling’ from an ‘Angel’:
‘Bananas and Whales got flown in from Space’ and: ‘The Corona Virus is here to teach us something’
Hmm, everything is here to teach us something and I never heard of a whale that would approach a fisherman and say:’Listen Bro, I´m tired of all this Krill – I miss my spacebro’s, take me where the banana lives’.
Teach us something is often used, when somebody really don’t know what to say. It’s a New Age bypass.

Believe what suits your soul and spiritual needs. I am saying – maybe we badly need to co-work with the angelic realm once again.

Entering that can be a spiritual game changer in our lives when we actually start seeing them and feel their most celestial presence.

How To:

In order to be Touched by Angels we have to create room for them. They will not enter your field unless you attune yourself to their presence in your life.

Second, and it can sound awfully clicheish, but it can only sound that way because there are a lot of clichés surrounding the Angelic – it’s all about Heart! So the more we adjust and can hold on to the Heart in us, we will align our self with the Angelic realm.

The Heart isn’t sticky. The heart isn’t sentimental. That is solar-plexus energy. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t correspond with the Angelic Vibe.

It seems like the mainstream interpretation of being Heart-based is all about ‘luuuuve’. The Heart is about: Love, spiced up with a certain tone of Fierce, and angels have that Fierceness to them. You don’t want to step on their celestial toes, so to speak. Nothing to be afraid of, and I’m not going to push any fear buttons here.

When we go about in our life and we are thriving for the Heart as a stationary place to dwell, we will often see that the Heart has its own boundaries and it does not want to get pushed, manipulated. It understands being misunderstood, but it doesn’t go well with being abused.

The spiritual anatomy of the heart shows it has many layers, etherical bridges, sacred caves, but most of all, is connected to the Celestial Concept of: Love. Just Love.

In the outer layers of the heart the fierceness dwells. Setting boundaries to protect our energy, a certain touch of Harshness meaning basically: ‘I’m done with emotionally bullshitting people and that is why I now fight every form of emotional bullshit with the skill of a Warrior of the Heart.

Jesus got real mad, there. (Video) Thank God. Still being in the Heart.

Angels have the same fierceness, and in the celestial when they engage in the battles between the heavens – hence: Angels are often seen with a mighty sword. It can be a mystic’s sword, to separate bad from good and thereby a metaphor, or it can be taken into account as: Warrior Angels. The last apparently also hijacked by religion and society to justify its appetite for wars and what they see as benefits of war: Money, Power, Death and Destruction.

When we´re in this realm forget about that self-justified Right-Fighting.

Angels fight for your soul and they will protect you against low frequency attacks from non-biological ghoulish beings. It is very interesting that people are so fascinated with the ghoul hype. By that fascination they actually open up some very spacious rooms for them to enter and hey: Where attention goes – energy flows, right. Very interesting.


Make them aware that you would like to feel their presence. Be heart based and reset your internal dialogue, into a feel of ‘Holy’. You are very welcome to feel Holy – we have to start somewhere – and by allowing yourself to feel holy you will automatically go to: Heart.

Maybe no need but I will say again: Holy, is not: religion Holy. It is a sense of Self in a State of Gratitude.


Watch out for low frequencies hijacking the connection you are trying to establish. That requires some Staying Power. I have held many seminars where we would practice connecting to The Angelic Realm, and sometimes I noticed these weird non-biological beings hovering in. I asked the Angelic Realm to sweep the room and they often did. I really wasn’t sure what it was, since it was not ghoulish, just some disturbing entities going for their 15 minutes of Celestial fame. The copycatters we would call them.

If your inner voice falls in frequency and goes low – abort mission and start over.

Some benefits from having a kind of Totem, something that holds a pure spiritual value to them, in their hands. Some like to pray. Some like to sing. And the last one is the clever one. Angels love music. Angels love dancing. Angels love laughter from the heart. Angels love cool scents. Angels love a lot of stuff.

Angels love when you thrive for them and keep pushing. They will penetrate the etheric firewall between the human evolution and the angelic from the other side of it.

Of course there are other ways, this is the way I do it.


When you feel they are there – they are.

Here you have to understand the concept of imagination. In the beginning it can seem like a fantasy to the critical mind and that is good! The point is: In the making, everything is a fantasy or a vision until we manifest it. An Architect has a vision of his next project. He sits down and starts to draw sketches and some time later people live or work in his manifestation – his vision. We all create reality that way in whatever we do. So don’t worry, you´re not being self deceptive or lying to yourself or others – you´re starting to breach the celestial firewall between their realm and ours.


Listen to uplifting music as much as you can. Read uplifting literature if you’re a reader.

Study pictures of angels; not many out there really, but you will find the one that suits you for visualizing, since that helps a lot for your inner perception of Them. I googled Angels and went on pictures. Oh my – mostly very hot chicks in sexy outfits. That’s fantasy, but again it shows how we project our mundane ‘reality’ into the Celestial.

Angels can be very sensual, extremely, but they can’t ignite sexual frequencies because it is simply not within them  but women often see them as men and men often see them as women.

The reason is they compliment your either masculine or feminine pole in order to sync with you. They fill the gap of: Completeness in order to sync on a very deep level – that is the level of the soul and the level of the heart, and the heart just Loves. They can do that since they are the embodiment of the complete merging between the feminine and the masculine.

I often sense Angles hovering over a loving couple. I often sense Angles hovering over children’s playgrounds where laughter and friendship is in full display at its innocent core. I see angels sweeping a building we´re about to enter, freeing it from low frequency entities.

We don’t have to ask them really – they plug into our consciousness, or better: They read our feel and if some day we find ourselves in a really pissed off state of mind (nothing unspiritual about that) they just take a hike and wait till we’re back in heart.

Holy is being, Whole, and not faking it:

Holy Spirit = WholeInSpirit

©2020 Soren Dreier – Services

Sorry, it got a bit long….


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