Corona – Nobody Knows What They’re Doing

March 17, 2020

Please notice – she actually didn’t get tested, so its a ” presumtive Corona”

I’m pregnant, I have coronavirus and I’m shocked at how badly the UK has handled it

Late last week, I developed a sore throat. I have three beautiful germ-carrying children so this did not really occur to me as anything to be troubled by. I had heard about the coronavirus and was following events as close as anyone else, but the main thing I had heard about was a cough and fever. This being neither of those, I was not overly concerned.

Saturday during the day I attended an event on Scottish independence with around 60 other people. That night, my throat was sore and I struggled to sleep for the pain. Tuesday I developed a cough. Wednesday I woke gasping for air; the coughing left me unable to catch breath and tears streamed down my face involuntarily while my horrified husband looked on. He was very concerned for me, not least because I am 34 weeks’ pregnant. I am also asthmatic.

I phoned the GP exactly at 8.30am when they open and was told to expect a phone consultation. When the doctor heard me coughing, she too was concerned and scheduled me in for an appointment with the advanced nurse practitioner that afternoon. Walking into the GP was a surreal experience as I coughed and coughed past signs that said if you had a cough and had been to a list of specific countries you were not to enter. The touchscreens had been turned off and we were to check in via the desk. I could see the seats had been moved further apart than usual.

I took my coughing self and proceeded to the area I had been directed to while endeavoring to stay as far away from the other people as possible. I am haunted by the recollection of a woman sitting in chair with an oxygen tank.

I was called very promptly and went in. I coughed and coughed throughout the appointment and was taken aback that the nurse did not have any protective gear on. She went to confer with the GP about whether they should prescribe steroids, but they decided against it due to my pregnancy and I was discharged with advice to phone back if I got worse. I explicitly asked if I should self-isolate and I was told that would not be necessary as I had not been to an affected country.

Thursday was very bad. I could barely sit up, and speaking was near-impossible for coughing fits. The coughing fits were leaving me feeling faint and I was seeing stars with almost each one. My arms felt too heavy and my head felt too light.

I watched with rapt attention as the prime minister held a press conference with medical and science professionals and it was announced they would stop testing people based only on travel; they would start testing people based on symptoms. Friday I woke up gasping for air after a night having barely slept for coughing. I phoned the GP back at 8.30am explaining I had been instructed to do so if I was worse and I absolutely felt worse. I was told that they could no longer see patients with a cough and I needed to phone 111.

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