Coronaphobia – Well, Who Created it Main Stream Media?

May 1, 2020

First they scare people out of their pants – then they blame people for being scared..
Amazing. Just….Amazing

Will ‘coronaphobia’ stop UK getting up and running? Sixty per cent of Brits would be uncomfortable going out – even if it’s safe – as ministers are warned ‘stay at home’ message has been ‘too successful

Ministers were warned the ‘stay at home’ messaging might have been too successful today amid fears ‘coronaphobia’ could stop the country getting back up and running. 

Boris Johnson revealed last night that the government will unveil a ‘road map’ next week for how the country can return to a semblance of normal life while keeping the deadly disease under control.

Frantic work is under way in Whitehall on how businesses can resume activities, with every day on hold estimated to wipe around £2billion from GDP. Staff working every other week, wearing PPE in canteens, and face coverings on public transport are all being mooted to help reduce the risks.

But polling has suggested 61 per cent of Britons would be nervous about going out to bars and restaurants even if the draconian restrictions are loosened. The UK population appears to be among the most nervous in the world, with more than a quarter saying lockdown should not be eased even if the PM’s ‘five tests’ are met.

There are reports that some people who have returned to work have been getting abuse from neighbours who believe they are threatening their safety.

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