February 20, 2019

Somehow this is a ‘back to normal winter’ in this particular bay along the Mediterranean Sea, which has its own micro climate of subtropical due to the surrounding mountains which form a horseshoe protection from the winds coming from continental Spain.

The sun has done absolutely nothing but shine since Novembers rains – which hit hard in some places along the coast, but spared this part.

Before the sunlight folded back into itself, painting the sky pink and orange in a lush abundance of goodbye for today, she said: “Honey lets go out and get some food.” Neither of us cared to cook, so we did.

Going outside, we head about 10 minutes down a narrow road and we meet the river and the sugarcanes swaying in a gentle breeze somehow in harmony with the sound of air going through the palm trees and the birds that whistle, like you would imitate a long whistle sound that resembles something falling and softly hitting the ground. It starts high pitched and it ends in a low pitch.

I got struck again. Overwhelmed by beauty and The Big Calm which morphed into a state of Gratitude.

Longer down the path, we could spot people with fishing rods, as thin silhouettes against the bluest of blue and the optical illusion provided by the sun straight in my eyes made them transparent, coming in and out of physical manifestation. I adore that sight.

We went about the next corner and followed the shoreline.

This town doesn’t have a boardwalk, since it is beach after beach like pearls on a string so there is no sunset rush hour. Just tranquil. A couple of dog walkers and lovers holding hands.

The state of gratitude elevated further. Until a certain point – life seems like a two sided coin.

On one side we have our more or less ‘popular problems’ and those we would rather not have. On this particular day, I had been dealing with people whose shoes one really would not like to be in. The heavy stuff.

The other side of that coin is not the absence of troubles to me anymore. The other side of the coin is Gratitude, not gratitude as a spiritual strategy in spite of troubles as a needed band aid to heal our individual suffering with. Gratitude in its pure state does not have an agenda like: ‘Look at me God-Force and how grateful I am, now: do your cool stuff’.

That is calculated gratitude and the celestial is no fool to be played and no man is a jester playing Shakespeare.

No, it is the pure state of Gratitude – because Gratitude is a state of mind, transcended, spun out of feelings and emotions into a one sided coin.

Gratitude is its own master and it serves nobody and it serves us well when we find it.

Gratitude, is self-healing on a spiritual, practical and quantum level and when the wave of positive particles hits us from the ever-detached Universe, we might feel personally blessed and we are.

On this particular evening with my love by my side, with the ever-busy insect collecting flock of Swifts over my head, the lush and abundant colours of flowers in bloom and the scent of Jasmine – what else is there to do but surrender ego and its perceived challenges to this life and enter the doorway of pure existence?

Only fear holds us back from that of ‘giving up’, not to give up, but to: Give it up. Let it fly with the Swifts and touch a higher altitude: The both illusive and everlasting bliss of pure Being.

The state of Gratitude stayed with me during our dinner at an outside café overlooking the ocean, the sound of the waves merged into the voice of my beloved, who was contemplating her day at work. A perfect canopy of expressions of life in a perfect state of extended introvertness and at the same time: feeling one with all as her words and her being and the waves both expressed that same state of Gratitude/Gratefulness into a stereo of pure state of awareness.

Often, we can trigger a feel of Gratitude that we can thrive on, and it will boost our immune systems to higher grounds, simply by feeling the reasons for being grateful.

More elusive it is as a high impact, when Gratitude gets lonesome and wants a shoulder to sit on and whisper Celestial Secrets into our ears, souls, and nurture us by its most unexpected visit that unfolds like a blessing and exposes the Meaning to our Existence.

Unannounced, unpredicted, without prior expectation it shows and its sweet conquer of your being will transform you forever, transporting you while ever so gently it becomes a part of you that will ripple through life and space, levelling out karma, lightening your weight and it will show you that there are states of mind, even beyond the state of Bliss.

I could say: We have to find what can trigger this – then we have to forget about it and be little children inside again, like a page that aches for a word, like a song that aches for a tune, like humans that ache for redemption, like Celestial being that aches for home:

But in no rush to get there any sooner….

©2019 Soren Dreier

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