Damn it – I’m Doomed (again)

March 31, 2017

Got a mail, I get many:

….You seem to push marijuana use for medical use.  There are many alternatives to marijuana such as homeopathy. It is an evil drug, I have seen first hand how it has contributed to the downfall of family members and friends.  

I am a member of the Summit Lighthouse which had the teaching of the Ascended Masters.  They labeled it as “Marijuana/Death Drug” and strictly forbade it use.  Recent readings by the “typist” said that after transition you go before the Karmic Board and if you have used it (extensively or long term) or ADVOCATED for it use you could be sent to a dense astral place for confinement called the COMPOUND for many years.   

Please for your continued soul growth please reconsider on advocating marijuana for medical or recreational use.

End of mail.

Okay – I’m so bloody doomed.
Now, go save yourself from spiritual slavery and get a mind of your own.


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