Did 100 Year Old Prophesy Point to Future Collapse?

June 8, 2016

In the early 1900’s, there was already trouble brewing for America. The Federal Reserve was allowed to organize itself with Woodrow Wilson as President. WWI followed soon afterwards because the bankers now had the power to print up money and use it to gain worldly power. So, off they went to war.

They didn’t achieve all their goals in that war though, so they needed another one, which was WWII. Unfortunately, these World Bankers who started running the show, using the U.S.A. as it’s war financier, are mentally ill when they think they can keep the whole damn world under their control. They have slowly but surely broken down our resistance to fight for the rights that are guaranteed to us in the Constitution.

The devil always recognizes the moments in history when he needs to sit up straight and pay attention to things happening on the earth that will bring happiness for all. This happened when Christ was on the earth, trying to teach the people and build a church.

The apostles were hated and persecuted after Christ ascended into heaven, and Christ told them, “remember that they hated me before they hated you.” Any truths, such as what are found in the Bible, are never accepted by those who don’t have the Holy Spirit to be their guide. And, this problem is found in EVERY religion.

Those of us who see the need to prepare, are like half of those virgins who took their lamps to wait for the Bridegroom to come. When the Bridegroom took longer than expected to come, the virgins needed more oil for their lamps. Half of them had brought extra oil and half had not.

The ones who didn’t bring extra wanted the others to give them some of theirs, but they refused, saying, “if we give you some of ours, we won’t have enough and there won’t be anybody left to meet the Bridegroom. The others went to buy and in the meantime the Bridegroom came, let the virgins who were prepared into the wedding feast, and when the others came back, they had been shut out of the feast.

When we look around us and see some friends who are anxious to prepare and others who don’t seem to get it, we are like the virgins in Christ’s parable. This has all been foreseen by John the Revelator and other modern-day prophets. We tend to push the possibility that God might be communicating with some here and there, but I believe He does communicate with us, using the Holy Ghost to guide us, and I believe that God has communicated with significant others in the early 1900’s.

One of these men was a man named John H. Koyle, who was asked by God to prepare a mountain for a time when it would be used for a gold mine. He was a farmer who didn’t know anything about mining, but he had previously made a commitment with God, that he would serve God all his days. He kept that commitment when he accepted the job to prepare that mountain.

This man, John H. Koyle, had visions of the future and he prophesied things to come. Not only did he prophesy, but what he said came true. It happened like he said. To this day, I feel that I have something solid to rely on when I read the prophecies of John Koyle.

Here are some of his prophecies:

•The economy will totally collapse on a holiday weekend where there is a holiday on a Monday. When this collapse happens, we will wake up with no electricity and possibly no utilities either. The economy will be propped up, as if on high stilts, and then overnight it will all come crashing down. Holiday weekend with the holiday on a Monday.

•Russia will be on the borders of Turkey and they will bomb Turkey pretty badly. They will want possession of the Bosphorus and Dardanelle waterways. This is starting to happen.

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