Don’t Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist

July 3, 2021

The notion of ‘conspiracies’ came to the fore in the 1960’s. Defined as ‘an effort to explain some event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role.’ In one fell swoop, any criticism of authority and power structures became lunatic conspiracies by the deranged on the fringes of society.

How clever, how machiavellian.

Ever since, authorities have used it to discredit alternative viewpoints to their agendas. The more that someone threatens the profits and power of those who currently possess the most profit and power, the more likely that person is to be smeared and censored, and using the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ is a perfect way to do this.

What many don’t realise is that when we use the term ‘conspiracy theorist’, we aren’t even aware that we have been programmed to use that term. We think it’s a conscious choice, but it’s not. Everything we think, say and do stems from unconscious social conditioning that starts the day we’re born.

This term has been purposely planted in our minds as a deflection of truth and a mirror to the veil.

Our programming tells us that a conspiracy is clearly nonsense. A conspiracy is a blatant lie. A conspiracy is something we can turn our heads away and block out, knowing that it’s too far-fetched to ever be true. This is the programming.

To be aware of it is the first step to breaking through the glass ceiling of our perceived reality which is, in fact, all an illusion.

The unconscious use of the term ‘conspiracy theorist’

Most commonly used as a defence mechanism that we use in retaliation to hearing something uncomfortable that challenges and threatens our beliefs, it carries an unmistakable derogatory and condescending manner.

Like name calling in the playground, it shows neither moral superiority nor intelligence, merely a lack of it and childish ignorance. Our ego can’t handle being wrong. We go through life assured of our place, our correctness and rightness so when this is threatened our pride flares up and we become defensive.

Especially the intellectually superior in society who aren’t aware that intelligence is conditional and isn’t indicative of wisdom.

As someone wise once said “to denigrate something as conspiracy theory without having fully investigated the data is an act of cowardice. You cause an affront to those who offer the possibility that harm is being done to innocent people, just to avoid confrontation of your own fears of it being true.”

When confronted with unpalatable information that challenges our foundational belief systems, we feel threatened. We don’t want to acknowledge that there might be truth to it so we automatically deflect, rejecting it outright and labelling it a conspiracy, something to be avoided, shut down and blocked off.

Using the term puts us back in control and back into our safe illusion where everything makes sense and adheres to our personal narrative.

What is the real meaning of the term ‘conspiracy theorist’?

So let me redefine what the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ actually means. It represents free thinkers who are courageous, conscious and aware, acting from a place of love to expose the darkness in the world by shining the light of truth. It represents research, connecting deeply to intuition, time, effort, energy, patience, stamina and strength.

These people speaking out about the dangers of government control, the lethality of the injections and the precedents being set for a complete loss of freedom and bodily autonomy, do not do it for fun, financial gain or status. They do it for love.

Love for humanity. Love for all that is good and right in the world. Love for their family, friends and neighbours. Yet they lose so much; friends, family, clients, social inclusion and instead receive judgement, shaming, ridicule, hate and exclusion.

People have been exposing the evil, or so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ in this world for decades. They have delved into the darkest recesses of what humanity is capable of, consciously lifting the veil to see the world for what it is. Many know the veil exists but they don’t have the courage to look beyond it. These are the people who shout out ‘conspiracy theorist’.

These people are not brave, they are unconscious.

Is it a conspiracy that the injection is dangerous?

You have to be living in complete denial not to see that this injection is killing and injuring people in vast numbers. Yet no mainstream media talks about it. There is no discussion. Information about #vaccineinjury is blocked on social media. Anyone who raises concerns is disciplined, censored or shut down. Doctors raising concerns are discredited.

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