Don’t Call Me an Anti-Vaxxer

August 6, 2021

In some new-age spiritual circles there is a common theme which tells us to always see the positive in situations, people and events. I have called this out before, it’s a form of toxic positivity.

We are supposed to love and accept everyone, right? Wrong. In this state of open arms, it is all too easy to give, give, give our energy away to those who readily take, take, take. Boundaries are an important tool of self-protection. It is only by having a clear line of what behaviour is acceptable and what isn’t that we stay rooted in our values and sense of self.

While ‘anti-vaxxer’ is just a label, it is not ok to use it as a default label for people who choose not to participate in an experimental medical treatment being forced upon them. It is simply too easy to brush people off with that narrative and I won’t be brushed off that way.

Within this circle there is also the belief that spiritual people shouldn’t feel so-called ‘negative emotions’. That we are somehow higher than them. We turn the other cheek and say “hey, it’s ok, I’m too spiritual to feel anger, carry on”.

This is a dangerous trap to fall into. If we align to any kind of spiritual understanding of ourselves and the world we live in, we know that there is dark as well as light. It is the nature of duality. Not only is it acceptable to feel all emotions, it’s a necessity. Dive into them all, just don’t linger in them and have a pity party.

Righteous anger is vital. Especially now when we need a fire within to drive us forwards in such dark times.

Raised hackles and not being heard

More than anything, I felt angry because I wasn’t being listened to.

As humans, we all need to feel seen and heard. Not to tie our worth to external validation, but to share ourselves in the world. It is the very essence of our existance. To contribute, share and participate. So, it’s frustrating that my opinions, which are valid and deserve to be heard, are shut down so ceremoniously because they don’t fit the standard narrative of the majority.

If there is reasoning and love between two people, there is space to talk, discuss and share alternative opinions. Yet, in this arena of covid and vaccines, there is none. No wiggle room at all. This lack of healthy debate, so much so that our society is being torn in two due to conflicting opinions, gives us a glimpse of the real intentions behind events.

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