Don’t Let Them Steal Your Friction

October 14, 2021

Friction is a necessity, it’s a divine construct. If you look at our physical world, everything is friction: neutrons, atoms, quantum physics. Friction creates energy and energy creates evolution because energy never goes away, it just transforms.

Everything is driven by the principle of friction. Our consciousness is friction based. Our hearts beat through friction. Our blood pumps through friction.

When the masculine meets the feminine, there is friction. It’s magnetic. Lips touching lips, hands caressing the spine, everything is friction. We take it as a sign of endearment.

Our children are also in an atmosphere of friction, a positive kind. “I want that game for my ipad.” Ermm, no. Friction between what we want, what we desire and what we get it is friction.

Purpose is friction driven. By our inner calling and our outside reality.

Even when we enter this life, outer body experiences show us it’s extremely painful. When our soul is in the celestial and we choose to incarnate we have to go slowly into this life and it’s painful because coming into a low vibration is a question of friction.

We can’t avoid friction because it’s the only driving force we have. Don’t let them take it away from you.

We have Cancel Culture. We have Woke. But what they’re pulling now is a sinister plot. What they’re doing is slowly, slowly removing friction from people’s lives. And they’re getting away with it. 

Let’s take it to the woke-cancel culture-politically correct-don’t say a word or people will hunt you down and expose you on the internet as racist or a bigot, or whatever they fancy

Taking away the friction of opposites

We learn from opposites. 

If we read a post about something we don’t agree on – we are still capable of forming our own opinion maybe even stronger than before or by taking some of the stuff we don’t agree on and seeing it from a challenging  perspective. We get more nuanced and get our opinion tested.

The friction within me, you and everyone else when we read a hateful post against whatnot, that activates our inner core values and allows us to form an opinion that is the opposite to what we read. 

Who cares if we don’t agree with what that person says? It’s their right to think whatever they want! Nobody needs to punish them; they will get devaluated and devoured by their own hatefulness. We know that. It’s a metaphysical fact.

Another opinion is necessary because it’s on the spectrum of being left or right, north or south. We don’t even have to meet at the equator with pure hatred, but it gives us the opportunity of strengthening our inner core, morals and ethics. 

These opposite poles of opinion are what they’re taking away. They’re extinguishing these extremes. On the right hand the hateful extremes and on the left.. conspiracy theories. Ding.

Every opinion that is based on information that is not in the mainstream media is, by definition, a conspiracy theory. No, it isn’t. it’s a concerned citizen creating friction. If you are a concerned citizen and you are not into the vaccine hype, you are not a concerned citizen. You are an Anti-Vaxer and a danger to society.

We are so filtered right now. People don’t dare to speak their minds; they feel they have to filter everything in order not to be offensive. Even with family, close friends and people they have known for half a lifetime.

What the hell is going on?

They’re taking friction away, making it a thought crime to speak your mind. And if you do it in public, you’re a sitting duck to be: banned, censored, alienated, marginalized, targeted as the enemy.

Remember: Always speak your mind, don’t buy into this self censorship and how  onto yourself in these times. 

Cult thinking

New age has taught us that being confrontational is a form of aggression, of unresolved ‘issues’ from our shadow self. They don’t understand the concept of friction. 

A frictionless relationship with other people creates cult thinking, not even tribal thinking. To be a good member of a spiritual cult you have to agree, friction isn’t allowed, or you’ll get punished.

The cult of corona, the cult of vaccination, every cult is built upon the principle of no friction.
Disagreement (Questions) isn’t allowed. 

We can’t evolve without friction so in the cult they have to find an outside target to provide friction. If you’re in cult thinking, you have to point to the enemy. In spiritual societies, they have to point to the non-spiritual as the enemy to create friction that can then be channelled out – never in.

The construct behind ‘movements’, such as Woke and Cancel Culture, stems from high-end universities. They are driven by intellectuals. But being intellectual doesn’t make you smart, wise or clever. You just make things bloody complicated. Now we have six sexes. I can only see two, a man and a woman.

The culture of collective self-victimization.

Self-victimisation is the complete opposite of self-empowerment so what they’re actually doing is taking the power away from minorities and centralizing it. Individualism is just too much for them to handle. Too dangerous. Risk of friction ei?

We used to empower that stuff. Now they’re all sad victims, humming the Woke tune like some sad beggar in Mumbai.

If you use the roadmap of feeling sorry for yourself for too long you will get lost in this world, and woke will choke you.

They’re slowly taking self-empowerment away by calling themselves victims and it leads to the most self-weakening thing there is: excuses. 

Just don’t do anything you feel you need to excuse. It’s self-torment. So, actually we are being steered in a ‘no friction’ direction. No more evolving.

Courage in friction

Friction is not being afraid of confrontation.

You’re not being confrontational; you’re just creating friction that other people’s emotional software translates as confrontation and aggression. 

It’s not even our intention to create confrontation but most people demand “why don’t you think like me?”

It’s about having the courage. We are the resistance. Even in our personal circle, create positive friction and don’t take anything personally.

It’s a shitstorm of asymmetrical warfare against our intellect, emotions and sound values of life, which basically is ‘tell the truth but tell it sweetly’. 

Tell your truth, but don’t preach it. Tell your truth, but only say it once. And hold onto yourselves in these times.

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