Elderly Couple Dies Within Seconds of Each Other After They Were Able to Hold Hands

January 14, 2022

William and Carol Stewart had been married almost 45 years. They had known each other since Carol was four years old. According to their children, they spent the last 44 years doing everything together.

Given the past-tense usage of these first three sentences, it might be easy to determine that both William and Carol left this life for their eternal ones.  In an amazing closing chapter to their story, they did that together as well.

Their daughter, Melissa Noke, said that eight members of their family had contracted COVID. Carol was on life support for two weeks. William, who suffered from lung and kidney failure, was for 8 days.

Nokes said that neither of her parents were vaccinated.  The family had been unable to visit them during their last days due to hospital protocols. On December 30th, Parkland Medical Center conducted their “Walk of Heros.” This allowed family members to see their loved ones, even if just f or a few seconds.

William, 73, and Carol, 69, were placed in the same room, side by side. Staff members put Carol’s hand in her husband’s. Seconds later, William drew his final breath. Roughly 10 seconds later, Carol breathed her last.

“Placed both beds side-by-side, placing my mother’s hand into my father’s hand,” Noke said.

“As soon as they touched hands, my father took his last breath, and then my mother 10 seconds later. They were the true definition of soulmates because it’s like having love birds. You can’t just buy one: you’ve got to buy both.”

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“These so-called quiet lives, and who we meet in them, are so important.

Two people meet each other in school, maybe they run a store or business, they provide for each others needs. They do everything together, it’s more about what’s communicated through the unsaid rather than the words. They read each other’s frequency and body language, seeing instantly if the other person is uncomfortable.

You read in a newspaper that they met at 16, had their first child at 18 and died 3 days apart. It’s twin flames!

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