Elephants, At the Gates of Sleep

July 16, 2020

In Spirit, I mentioned some animals and elements that can appear on a metaphysical level. It’s tempting to see them as one’s spirit animals, but that is not my angle in this post. The angle is the connection we have to them. These animals or their spirits can roam the astral like we can and we often overlook – that is exactly like we are doing it, some consciously and some unconsciously.

On a physical level, we can feel very tired as we wake up in the morning or our muscles are sore, the result of getting back into the body. Morning nose bleeds and sleep apnea are the most dramatic responses for having a night out of the body.

Some know where they go at night, some don’t. The first will be the result of practicing out of body until it becomes lucid or conscious or the result of practicing being lucid while penetrating the realms of sleep.

As a result of meditating or a side effect of that, I became aware of the different stages of falling into sleep, and I won’t romanticize it, it’s both a blessing and a problem.

What would happen is that I could stay too long in one stage of falling asleep, there are several that I am aware of, and that  might not be complete since I am still a pilgrim on the pathway.
Staying too long in one very close to drifting off would have the effect that I would feel revitalized and energized after some minutes, so much that I would miss out on a night’s sleep, with the result of being fairly tired during the hours of the next day.
So, it has its ups and downs. But, the last 10 years, I have learned to consciously let go before opening sleep’s door and not “just” falling asleep.  A micro dozing of weed helped with that, I noticed.

About a couple of months ago, I noticed that an elephant showed itself to me and followed me through the last phase before going into sleep. It enforced my perception of dream/reality of fantasy/metaphysical awareness.

Let me explain that: The last step is very visual, since this is where you let go. You are in a realm where visions, even solid visions, appear, but you are also in the fantasy layer of the consciousness. In order to separate fantasy/metaphysical awareness, you have to know what is floating around in your subconsciousness in order to separate them.

Authors who thrive in the business of writing fantasy can write books that seem to merge from their creativity while allowing their mind to enter the fantasy realm of their consciousness. To their audience, it seems like reality, so much that they take these fantasy stories to heart and engage in role playing, forming clubs, and such where they co-play and live it.

Often a fantasy writer can think: I don’t really know how I get this inspiration and stories; I just do it. Yes, a very precise sentiment – since engaging and transporting yourself unknowingly into the realm of the fantasy layer in the consciousness dissolves the known parameters of daytime consciousness and has no rules that apply to the physics of what we perceive as reality versus fantasy.

Both, in this universe of writing fantasy both worlds are real.
We pick up a book (physical reality) and then we embrace its universe (fantasy reality). If we contemplate this on a deep level, we see the so-called contradiction dissolved.

The metaphysical movement into accepting the visions or manifestations we encounter as a natural thing: One realm is as real as the other, it requires years of training, learning by doing, trial and error until we may fully trust it and this is important: Trust the magnitude of our consciousness.

It is: The ability to be self-critical and know for a fact that if it feels right – it is right. Not as an emotion or feeling: But as a feel that is Intuitive knowledge.

I am, of course, aware of the shamanic traditions and such, but I never followed them, I have to see, experience for myself. It is my path – it doesn’t have to be yours, but my path has often led me to teaching others how to do it, go through the layers with some healthy skepticism.

If you don’t have that, well, anything goes and this is the reason why there are so many false prophecies, predictions, and such. They do not examine Ego’s need for grandeur with metaphysical reality. I won’t go deeper into that here.

Back to the elephants.

What happened was that this matriarch elephant suddenly appeared before my inner vision. I could smell her. I could see into her eye. She would often appear with the right side of her head staring at me with her right eye. It was so vivid until I plugged into her energy and felt her ancientness. That did something to me, as plugging into: Ancient, in general.
That was not new to me – what was new to me, was that she took care of me during my passage through the realms that lead to sleep’s door.

So, I had no more of these being at the doorway, just to wake up, slightly annoyed since I would know, as mentioned that the next day would be a weary thing to go through, feeling drunk on the bitter drink of tiredness.

She healed that.

As I accepted her presence, she brought her new baby, she brought the flock.
So thoroughly looked after, I now know how to consciously enter sleep without losing my sense of timing. Big Victory.

Since she appeared, I did research on elephants and the posts I bring on them are part of that. I won’t so much go into that they face extension and such, but more their emotional intelligence. Elephants mourn their dead, elephants cry, and elephants are very playful and have a great sense of humor. People who work with them know this – Elephants giggle.

Elephants, whales, rhinos, and such are the last ancients of Gaia.

That is to me, beside the profits of hunting them, the reason why they face extinction. 2020 doesn’t want history and it sure doesn’t want ancient knowledge.

Maybe you’ve encounter similar.
I have emails that metaphysically engaged people are seeing different manifestations of animals, approaching them politely while they meditate or in their dreams.

I am convinced that they are stepping in to make us look in a different direction, a powerful direction in these so troubled times. They are healers, they are within our spirit as we are in theirs. We have been with them since the beginning of time.

Something ancient is moving in to get us out of this mess. They are most welcome.


Some 8 years ago, I had this beautiful black panther coming into my bedroom. Again, seen from the inner realm of a metaphysical consciousness. Like with the elephant, I wasn’t expecting this.

It just laid by my bedside, purred a bit, and if the outside noise at night was filled with sound of drunkards leaving the bar nearby, it would growl a bit, get up, and stand guard behind my bedroom door. I am not nervous at night, so I figured it was protecting me, since it knew I am a light sleeper.

It came for months, and as I got to know it better, I noticed I started having its sounds. I would growl if I woke up and my night vision improved.

I mentioned this to a friend in Ireland, who no longer is present on the planet, and he said the moment I told him: Sounds good, Bro, you are lucky, Bro, sure you haven’t done ayahuasca, because sometimes they walk beside us while tripping.
Yup, I’m sure Bro – Thanks for the validation.

Point is: Do not wave this stuff off as fantasy if you experience it – it is metaphysical reality we somehow have been disconnected from for so long.

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