Emotional Stabilizators

December 21, 2021

Emotional Stabilizators are the people we all have who, on a mundane level, we run into throughout our lives. We meet them at some point of our life and we stick with them. Not in a sticky way though – as we hear from them maybe two or three times a year, tops. Hearing their voice is often enough to get pulled back to safety…

As long as we know that they’re out there, we know we can reach out if we need to, in times of distress or when we lose our way, and say hey. In return, they give us feedback, not in a therapeutical sense, but based on warmth. Like the warmth you get from a favourite grandmother or another solid family member you had as a kid.

They have that stabilization touch around them that we also have around us for them. It’s comfort.

Spiritually, celestially, we’re from the same family. That’s why we don’t need the big explanation on how they are, we can cut to the chase. It’s just – let me hold you in my field of tranquillity.

Even as an adult I always used to go to my grandmother when life felt hard. Ok grandma, give me some of your epic meatloaf and a soda and life might feel better. And it always did! Because I was in that safety.

That’s what an emotional stabilizator does, and we do the same back for them.

Emotional stabilizators aren’t our therapists

In our society today we analyse, analyse, anal-yse. When two people get together for the first time, they start to analyse each other. What happened to talking about the weather? Or other trivial things?

It’s a big apparatus of explaining everything into a therapeutical framework. We try to come out as psychologists and therapists, which can be cool, but it doesn’t work in emotional stabilizing relationships.

A therapist has a role that helps us to stabilize emotionally, but it’s on a different level. We feel understood and listened to, until the contract ends.

Someone contacted me the other day “Soren, I’ve been with my psychologist for 15 years.” What! Are you sure it’s helping?

Our real-life emotional stabilizators are important  

Whether it’s just a phone call a few times a year, talking about life’s problems, or just casual conversations, we are validated and in the arms of safety again. We know this person has our best interests in mind and would never betray us. They have a bigger perspective on our lives.

If you have such a person on your mind that met in your personal history, but you lost contact with, find them and feel the connection lift you both. It can be uncomfortable to play detective and try and find this person but it’s so worth it. If you miss their presence in your life, reconnect. Go for it.

These bonds of friendship, these frequencies, are not by accident, they’re by synchronicity.

There’s nothing wrong in getting a little sentimental and reminiscing, because our history is part of who we are. It can be a tremendous force in our life to muster the courage to do so.

Partners as stabilizators

We also see this in romantic relationships.

Speaking reincarnation, we all have lifetimes when nothing really happens. Yet, as spiritually engaged people we look down on the role in these lives, why?

Being a good parent can be a purpose. It is the biggest responsibility we can have. But is it fancy enough spiritually? Most don’t think it is… Spirituality is also about attitude and special-ness, and yes, we are all special and I don’t know how many I have met that were Cleopatra in a previous life. It’s very rarely common hard-working folks.

These so-called quiet lives, and who we meet in them, are so important.

Two people meet each other in school, maybe they run a store or business, they provide for each others needs. They do everything together, it’s more about what’s communicated through the unsaid rather than the words. They read each other’s frequency and body language, seeing instantly if the other person is uncomfortable.

You read in a newspaper that they met at 16, had their first child at 18 and died 3 days apart. It’s twin flames! But it’s not put up there on a spiritual pedestal, it’s seen as a boring life. There’s none of the complications that we see in modern relationships, which are not emotional stabilizing but emotionally challenging. That doesn’t mean they’re not right, it’s just a different agenda.

A relationship that triggers each other is ok. That’s the purpose of it. To have somebody you trust challenge you physically, emotionally and intellectually. Nothing wrong with that. And that’s worth contemplating.

It’s the line between being an emotional stabilizator versus an emotional stabilizator slash teacher.

It’s love and acceptance

These emotional stabilizators, whether it’s in a romantic relationship or not, are about the vibration of tranquillity and safety they offer. About knowing you can say everything to this person because their reaction is always the same: total acceptance with a spice of challenge if we are not making any sense. But it’s never a power struggle or a need to control the other.

If you feel in turmoil, and a personal shit show is approaching, they’ll support you whatever you do. They will support your needs, whatever they may be. Money –  they’ll ask where to ship the money to. Food, shelter?

It’s warmth and acceptance. And seen from a metaphysical perspective, it is the highest frequency of: you can be who you want to be when we’re in the presence of each other, I won’t judge you ever. What’s more, I’ll provide the security you need and the safety you need, to help you accept yourself.

When you think what you want in this life isn’t valid, feels wrong or feels different than the general narrative, I’m there to support you.

With the other half in an emotional stabilizator relationship, it’s always ‘yes just do it’ because their subconscious stream is never looking for a way to sabotage or criticise you.

It’s all on the table. No masks.

Not for one, single moment will this person talk you down in front of others. Or embarrass you. Or share the knowledge of what goes on in the deepest realm of your life. Never.

It’s sacred.

They’re like guardian angels being born into flesh.

Often, we start thinking of our emotional stabilizator and suddenly an email lands in our inbox from them, or we get a phone call. So, there’s a telepathic element too. And that’s another way to pinpoint it. There’s a communication happening on a higher frequency level within the metaphysical anatomy we have.

If you have an emotional stabilizator in your life, feel grateful. I surely am. If you don’t, try to find out who this person could be. You have met this person.

It’s a bit like loving our children. And our children always know, which is a beautiful thing for a child to know, that as much as they screw up their mother and father will always forgive them.

It’s just love.

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