Escaping The Misery Club

February 22, 2020

We are so terribly conditioned to stretch the emotions of being: Problematic, unhappy, not fulfilled, and so on. We need to condition ourselves to stretch the emotions of: Feeling good, being okay, I am what I am. That in itself is a social challenge with the dangers of social lockouts from the “unhappy” subscribers.

I once read an interview with David Bowie after he got out of his “white” period. White being living on milk and cocaine, saying, “I’m actually feeling so good that I make people around me feel sick!” That is actually what can happen.

“How can you be happy? You have issues and people are starving, there’s bushfires and global warming.”

Yes and no. Most are The System Of Fear narratives , but that doesn’t actually make me feel sad about my life, since empathy pours out somehow better from the higher vibe of happy than the lower vibe of miserable.

At some point, we can step out of ourselves and look at ourselves, and say, “I’m good, overall, I’m good.”  Or we can say, “I’m not good, I so dig being unhappy that I’ll never be better.” That is also the platform of victimizing oneself and hereby creating an audience to one’s life. It gets lot of attention, but that is it. It doesn’t get anything else, and in the long run, the audience will leave the theater.

Some actually do that because they don’t know how to take responsibility for being happy or they get embarrassed about it, because their social surroundings keep promoting the suffering.

Spirituality, it’s a hard nut to crack by oneself. Often it requires somebody to tell you, “Pull yourself together or I can’t help you unless you want to change.” The latter often pushes the “offended” button and we go, “He or she doesn’t understand me,” often in gossip mode and the zealots all join in, since if that should be the truth – they would all have to change and take charge of their lives.

There is a truth in: If you don’t take responsibility for your life, somebody else will.
And a lot of people are actually very attached to that dynamic.

Misery becomes an entity and thrives well in groups. When trapped in a prison of misery, breaking out is hard to do.

Emotions come and go. That’s why we can call them illusions. One day: La-di-dah, the other: Low.

That’s not the shadow, that’s not being settled properly inside. And it’s a choice to make, whether to go with the low or the high.

If an emotion is stretched in time it becomes a state of mind. Like sadness. If it expands it becomes a depression. Either a clinical or a spiritual depression. The clinical state statistically takes 2.5 years without matrix drugs, and when you are in that place – there is no shadow. It’s pitch-black and shadows can only be pinpointed in the presence of light.

You might have a void of “That’s me in the corner losing my religion,” and would most certainly need to learn or practice to stretch the lighter moments.
We are fully allowed to use the weapon of choice here and not necessarily think that if we are okay with ourselves that we are somehow overlooking our shadow. That’s really a nasty spiritual con trick and a good way to keep you in your place as, “I’m never happy.” Well, maybe you are happy, you just don’t want to leave the comfort zone of misery.

The misery shadow becomes an overwhelming entity overtaking its host being: The wonder and beauty of you and a perfect expression of you.

In the System of Fear that we live in, we have every right to be happy, blissful, or whatever, and not feel bad about it.

The same choice emerges when we choose to be scared or to be calm.

Every time the sun shines, we seem to cast a shadow. And the misery club thinks like that.

Often shadows hide within its own shadow. That is why this pattern of “My Life isn’t working” as an absolute or the fabric we hide ourselves in is so hard to break.
Sometimes we cannot trust our own emotions and we need to reach for the intellect, find that willpower that’s been hiding beneath the surface and call it out and say,

“No more will I be defined by what I perceive is not working in my life, so I will set out for the healing path,” which means disengaging the construction of the Misery Club and that alone will or can make you lonely for a bit.

It’s a choice of going from a low frequency existence to an existence on a higher frequency, and high frequency people will attract others who made the same conscious choice to break the “feeling sorry for myself” narrative into, “I am a recovering complainer and I am trying to wake up and take responsibility for my own emotional wellbeing.”

Closing the door to the complaining is very hard.

It is leaving an identity to pursue another identity. It’s being reborn.

What is there to talk about then?
Nothing, in the beginning. Absolutely nothing, because you will need all your psychological energy to break down the wall of discontemp and if we talk too much, that energy will abandon us. Talk about the weather, sports, a cool series on TV or whatever you like, but do not complain about those also.

This is not about positive thinking; it won’t help you. It’s exhausting and it is often just words that aren’t really rooted in your emotional body. This is shifting your attention. Shifting position. Shifting the way you see life.

We can “order some happy and please make it snappy,” since that is expecting change like a flip of a coin. We need to understand that everything is processes and it takes its time. That is not a discouraging statement – that is dealing with expectations and adjusting them.

Yet, the help of somebody you trust can provide a rapid change.
Yet, the Celestial can provide a rapid change.

The dynamics are within the Field of Attraction: The “Universe” thinking, “This person is into complaining and feeling sorry for herself, cool, we will send more of that.” We attract what we send out.
With changing, the Universe goes, “Cool, she’s on the path to happy we will send a road map.”

It is that basic.

There is an anecdote I modernized a bit:

The rain had been pouring for months on the village. At some point, the villagers had to move up the mountain, since the village got flooded.
Some rescue boats came to pick them up and they all got onboard except for one man.
They shouted at him, “Are you coming?”

He shouted back, “No, I prayed to God.” And the boats took off.

The man had to go upwards towards the mountain top and just as he was about to reach the peak, a rescue helicopter came by and the soldiers threw him a rope and begged him to grab it.

The man shouted, “No, I prayed to God.”
The chopper flew away.

Reaching the top, the man drowned.

He entered Heaven and saw God, and said to him,
“I prayed and I prayed, why didn’t You save me?”

God said, “Well, I sent a boat and you wouldn’t come onboard. Then I sent a helicopter and you still declined – so maybe stop complaining – did what I could Bro.”

Interesting Dynamics.

On a collective scale complaining has reached new heights as part of the Social Engineering via the ‘woke’, ‘cancel’ , ‘offended’ culture where offended is actually seen as empowering.
It is just that people who get sucked into this, is supposed to complain about petty stuff. Not the political system, not the way this society is built in its deepest construct, No: Complain about what people feel about this and that and leave The System Of Fear alone.

When everybody is obsessed with everybody – the System can do what it wants, because everybody is busy with their petty nagging and those, they target are busy making excuses for something they did 15 years ago.

The twisted plot is that being a self-victimizing snowflake is suddenly empowering.
We know it is quite the opposite.
Welcome the Age of Spineless Humanoids……

No way.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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