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May 25, 2021

I recently held a seminar where I met this lady who told me a very cool story about ESP.

We were having a dinner table conversation, and the topic strayed to ‘good spots for vacations’. She told me that she and her husband always went to Thailand. They loved the country and they would always stay in very good hotels. Not fancy – but good.

I asked her if they have ever had the very bad Thailand hotel experience, which I have heard about, but I have never been to Thailand.

“No, we never have had,” she said. “You see, we get this catalog and we run over the new places we want to visit and then we find the hotel. My husband has a strange gift,” she continued, “he will lay his hand on the picture of the hotel we are considering and then he will make a visit.”

“He will just close his eyes, and when he opens them, he is capable of describing that same hotel down to details. He will walk through the hotel and check out if it is like the travel agency says it is or if we should avoid it. He usually finds very small details if it’s a good place, so we can see when we get there if he really went in that state of mind. And you know what. Never has he been mistaken. It is always like his premonition.”

“Wow, impressive,” I went.

Then I asked her if her husband was spiritually engaged like her and she said, no he doesn’t believe in all that. He thinks it’s fine that I found spirituality and he listen but he is the: ‘No herbs, no crystals, no funny business type’.

I asked her if he would use his ability in other areas and she said, “Yes, sometimes when we get invited out, he can go: Let’s stay home tonight; I don’t think its good to go. And the day after I usually get a phone call from our friends that would go saying it was really good that you didn’t come, the evening was a disaster. They were arguing really nasty about their marriage, say, and they pulled us into their drama. It was really unpleasant.” Wow, again.

The ‘wow’ is not directed to what he can do, because we all can – but the really cool thing is:  The power of ESP does not necessarily require a spiritual mindset. It is a skill.

Her husband wasn’t in denial of spirituality, he just did not see what the fuss is all about since he had that ability since childhood. So for him as for many others, he came with his Extra Sensory Perception software. And as he hasn’t been schooled or trained.

And many have it so.

Some have great benefits obviously in opening up or getting trained into using their ESP, which also is remembering your ESP before you got conditioned out of it by the left-brain society.

Often ESP is connected to spirituality, don’t get me wrong, but trademarking it as a direct result of that is not reality.

I once went on a double talking tour with a good friend who is a great psychic. We would split a 3-hour event into two parts. One would go on for half an hour then the next would go on stage and talk about intuition (ESP) and then we would let the facilitator pick 5 – 8 persons in the audience and do what some call platform readings.

Usually we would say:

“ESP does not have anything to do with being spiritual per default. It’s ability. That is why you can meet the greatest abusers who are all about money and personal power, having great psychic skills.”

We took a lot of beatings on that point of view. Basically, because people still want to see it as a result of:
Specialness and by doing so and insisting on that, the same become a very easy meal for predators.

The positive side is obviously that there are a lot of ethical very spiritually engaged people out there, with indisputable integrity, who don’t abuse what some refer to as a ‘gift’.

Having worked with ESP all of my adult life and as a kid (unknowingly) I have to take both sides into account:
The mundane approach to these abilities and the spiritual. The ´basic skill´ approach has a very good effect on the feeling of being special and it grounds the ESP so it doesn’t go into orbit and refuse to touch base.

I have described the results of ‘pumping spiritual irons’ before and the outcome is not pretty. It opens the doors of delusion and doesn’t do the work most needed when engaging in that: Being able to differ between the ‘fantasy’ layer in the consciousness and the intuitive layer is a must!

That has some really sad results, and people who are in that reality are very hard to ground – because it can be an ecstatic feeling, a feeling of being Holy and The Chosen One = Spiritual Ego Inflation.

During the dinner conversation my mind strayed to not so long ago, before we interacted with machines that basically run on the concepts of ESP or are a very poor excuse for it:

Facebook – TV – Remote viewing.
Cell Phone – Telepathy.

People are glued to these devices and their software algorithms, without realizing: We have those algorithms in our nervous systems, but the Matrix externalized them, so who needs them now? In older times, one minute ago, most families gathered for the twilight hour and digested the day and stories were told. Usually, every family would have an oracle, one being in touch with the field of ESP.

That person would know when the right time for harvest would be, predict a turn in the weather or some distant relative dying. They would say it, and the rest of the group would maybe feel a bit spooked, but it was no big deal really.

Some people’s ESP is aligned to picking up a frequency change in nature and deciphering it, some are more into premonitions.

Now, voodoo and hoodoo are often associated with the black arts, and rightfully so, but some would maybe be a bit scared and label it as black magic just so they can put it in in a box of evil and not maybe try to understand it’s wicked dynamics.
When it is understood it can be repelled with great force.

The ‘why and how’ would be an open mind and a step outside the left-brain prison and to step out of fear?
Fear is NOTHING but programming. Disbelief is more healthy since we have to be able to distinguish between ESP distorted or ESP making sense.

Recently I declined an 8 episode TV Show because the title was something like: ‘Is there more between heaven and earth’. We’re past that. There is more. In my life and in many others’ lives we’re way done with that Matrix-Kindergarden ESP-stuff, and the Media, will never let it come to:

‘Yes there is’, since it would open up such wonderful skills and a tsunami of free thinking spiritually people would ride the globe in an ESP Spree.

If people could see them with their inner eyes, hear them with their inner ear, they would in no way engage in the stupidity of the Matrix business nor would they even touch their political, media hyped ‘Fear of the day; Headline’ with a thong.
It would come out, as a very big bucket of total BS and nobody wants to be a fan when the shit finally flies.

So if you’re struggling to find what’s hidden in you, there are two ways of bringing it out in the open; either remember the skills, or go on a ‘boot camp’ and train it a bit.

I just have one wish: Intuition and how to train it, is very different from person to person. It is not the teacher’s way to do it necessarily, it’s the teacher’s job to respect there are many ways, and not all spiritual, to get there.

The teacher can only show the landscape – you have to walk it.

If the teacher doesn’t respect that, I would use the exit sign. Money, power and glory and I, Me, and Oh My… its all-theatrical prompts. Not real.

Empathy, respect and an open mind – those would be the respectful tools.

We hardly ever encounter the same metaphysical reality package. Perceptions alter and transcend between shared reality and personal reality. Personal reality not to be understood as: Ego, but merging out of the differences in the resonance and impact in the soul of the beholder. And Soul isn’t : ‘One size fits all’.

When we see with our physical eyes and we look at the same as those around us:
Is the result and the analysis the same? No. We all have different angles on the perception.

When we eat, do we like the same foods and pick up the same fragrances?
When we hear music do we hear the same?
When we read a book, do we understand it the same way?
When we get touched, do we have the same bodily sensation?

No. Of course we don’t use the 5 senses and arrive at the same conclusion.

ESP – Works the same way.

Go figure…but go In Sane.

© 2021 Soren Dreier – Services

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