Exposed: UK’s Psyops Team that Ramps up Fear over Covid-19 to Control a Compliant Public

May 19, 2021

NOT only the UK!

Dystopian ‘unelected psychocrats’ have cynically manipulated the British people by weaponising fear to ensure compliance with lockdowns, according to a new book that will cause many to reassess how the virus has been handled.

By any measure, the coronavirus situation in Britain should be looking pretty rosy by now, as Covid-19 cases are down, hospital admissions are down, deaths are down and vaccinations are up. The NHS has not been overwhelmed, the pubs are open and the kids are free to hug their gran. So, why the glum faces?

Something seemed off kilter last night as the TV news screened images of holiday-hungry Brits arriving in Portugal, a teenage cancer survivor hugging his nan after a year of forced separation and a bunch of lads in a Barnsley pub drinking pints and watching the football play-offs.

These scenes of jollity were tempered with news from India of a new variant that had arrived in the UK and was proving wildly virulent, perhaps threatening the freedoms we had longed for, if its spread continued unabated. The message was clear: restrictions on our freedom might have eased from Monday, but we could be back in lockdown unless we can manage this latest  ‘scariant’ from the sub-continent. Stay alert. Stay afraid.

I’m sorry, but this time I just don’t buy it. Enough with the scare tactics, the dashboard of death and the prophets of doom. It’s quite clear the vaccine is working. I’ve had both doses on the very clear understanding that it works, and I don’t expect I’ll be hospitalised or die even if I do at some point contract the virus.

But PM Boris Johnson and his government are addicted to fear and the control it gives over a compliant public. As journalist Laura Dodsworth makes the case in her new book, ‘A State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponised Fear During the Covid-19 Pandemic’, the British public needs to push back on this constant bait and switch aimed at keeping us all in a perpetual state of anxiety.

As soon as we think one doomsday scenario has been overcome, another appears in its place. Psychologist Dr Harrie Bunker-Smith tells Dodsworth the government’s tactics echo those found in an abusive relationship, and she is spot-on.

“Abusers will say they won’t do something again, but then they keep doing it,” says Dr Bunker-Smith. “Abuse is not constant, it’s not bad all the time. You have periods of extreme abuse followed by the honeymoon period, where you get flowers and apologies and promises, and then things deteriorate again.”

Here’s how the last 24 hours have played out. After months of wearisome lockdown (extreme abuse) the joy was evident on everyone’s faces yesterday, when lockdown eased. A stranger smiled at me and asked if I’d had a hug yet (the honeymoon period).

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