Fear Triggered by Coronavirus Hype may Kill Faster than the Pandemic

March 27, 2020

‘The real virus here is also, as mentioned, the Mind Body connection. Mind over matter and right now, people’s minds are being hypnotized with fear and some will die, maybe a lot, solely on that account.

It is precisely the same dynamics as in most ailments, where we can be told that the ailment we have: “no, not really that long of time left, sorry,”-  can lead us into triggering our own departure, simply because it is expected of us and what we see as Health Authorities expects us to.’

To weaponize it, since people believe what they read or hear or see, and if the expectation can be created that this is deadly, well: The Power of Suggestion.
SD – Last Train.

Fear triggered by coronavirus hype may kill its victims faster than the pandemic

Irrational and all-encompassing fear of the coronavirus pandemic is racking up its own body count, sometimes faster than the disease. An Italian nurse has joined the growing ranks of coronavirus-triggered suicides.

Daniela Trezzi, an intensive care nurse at the San Gerardo Hospital in Italy’s hard-hit Lombardy region who was diagnosed with coronavirus earlier this month, killed herself on Sunday. She was terrified that she had infected some of the very people she was trying so desperately to help, the National Federation of Nurses of Italy said in a statement on Tuesday confirming her death. Trezzi had been quarantined since her diagnosis on March 10.

Fears over diagnosis

K. Bala Krishna, a 50-year-old Indian man, didn’t have coronavirus when he hanged himself last month after experiencing flu-like symptoms – but he thought he did. Convinced he had the disease after doctors at a nearby clinic sent him home with a diagnosis of viral fever, Krishna quarantined himself in his room and fell deeper into depression after reportedly binge-watching videos about coronavirus.

Finally, desperate not to spread the disease to his family or neighbors in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, he slipped out of his family’s house and ended his life in the graveyard where his mother was buried.
While Krishna had the dubious distinction of being named as the first coronavirus suicide since the epidemic made headlines in Wuhan in December, there’s no way to know how many other people have included the spreading epidemic when weighing the decision to end their lives.

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