Soren Dreier: Personal Guidance – Life Coaching Reviews

by Soren Dreier

Soren is the epitome of the therapists therapist.

I have known and worked with Soren for many years now, and he has always been a bright, shining light for me throughout many of lifes trials and tribulations.

His intuition and guidance is uncannily accurate and his direct no nonsense approach has consistently cut through the the fog of my own confusion and despair, enabling me to see through and overcome my challenges.

I work in the healing space and Soren is the epitome of the therapists therapist.

J – New York

Guidance Programme:

I joined Soren’s guidance programme four months ago and in that timeframe I have received huge value and clarification regarding my life direction. I am well used to seeking guidance and different kinds of therapy online as well as face to face, but out of all the helpful experiences I have had along the way, Soren’s guidance stands out in a league of its own.

I approached Soren for guidance at a very low point in my life after experiencing the hardest and most traumatic experiences of my life. Soren’s guidance enabled me to make key, important decisions that I knew I had to make at an intuitive level, though without the guidance I would have doubted myself due to being at a very low point and would probably not have followed through with what I needed to do. A low point in which I had been drained as a result of losing my path and having been prayed upon my numerous predators. Honestly, my life had turned into a soap opera until I started the guidance sessions and began to back on track. Slowly now I am building up again and I can see clearly the steps I have to take towards a healthy and happy future.

In my experience, Soren’s guidance is very practical and grounded and I value this above all about his way of doing things. He doesn’t sugar-coat his opinions or intuitions or give any new-agey advice, and this is what I need personally as a wounded and weary warrior. 

I highly recommend Soren’s guidance and think the value I have received outstrips anyone else I have ever worked with. In fact I think he should increase his prices times three and then some.

Above all, Soren stands out to me as a real person that you can connect with, who doesn’t wear a mask, and who you can truly trust.

J – UK

‘My Spiritual Journey and Growth’

Through my spiritual journey and growth, I have came across a lot of teachers and teachings. All of them served to a purpose for me to live my life dedicated to my spiritual journey.

However, through my personal guidance with Soren in last 2 years yielded the most insights, growth and clarity, needless to say served as a pure beam of light in my darkest hours.

His intuitive guidance, wisdom and advice has been consistently accurate and fresh. His unique perspective with the reality of spirituality is priceless and very rare., His sense of humor and lightheartedness keeps reminding me how an awesome journey to be alive in this lifetime and not to take myself to serious.

It is truly a gift to work with him through his personal guidance series, which I look forward to through our monthly conversations.

If you are in need of accurate spiritual guidance and gain your sense of true self to keep walking on earth as an honorable spiritual being, do not hesitate to work with Soren. He is for real and will enlighten your path through his loving kindness and wisdom!

K.O – US