Feeling Significantly Disoriented?

December 30, 2019

I recently posted this: Cosmic Radiation at Record High Levels as the Sun Sets Space Age Record for Most Days Without Spots.

I wrote a bit about it in 2012/13 and called it “Sun Sickness.”

Expressed metaphysically, it impacts our core Life Force and from there it goes into our physical, emotional, and intellectual body.
It can provide a pendulum swing between different states of mind within the same day or hours.

Here are some:
Do you get tired all of a sudden, when you normally wouldn’t be? Then you feel an urgent need to act, do something revolutionary when you should be resting?

Do you easily get ‘people-tired’ and wish you were in your private igloo at the North Pole, just to get some quiet? Then suddenly, several hours later, you feel lonely and socially secluded?

Do you crave sweet stuff and has your candy budget gone through the roof? Then you think you should go militant Ayurveda healthy?

Do you feel a significant lack of grounding, a bit dizzy from all the doings of the world? Then you feel like you are too grounded and would like to explore the Universe in one epic out of body experience?

Do you crave sex most of the time? Then you want to live in celibacy?

Do you feel like doing some kind of drug, alcohol, weed, etc. to slip away from all this and then think of abandoning any kind of drug?

Do you start to resent some people’s choice of living their lives, just because it annoys you and then you think you really are a bad, bad person because it’s really none of your business?

Do you feel like you really want to live a long life and then contemplate on getting out of here, ASAP?

Do you get tired of what you know of this world, seeing and feeling the illusion of it, and wish you never had opened that can of worms in the first place and yet you want to know more?

Do you love your friends and family and then wish they would just leave you alone?

My advice:

Do not necessarily identify with all this and the swing of it.
Just own it, since it is also a purge and a doorway to Insights into some themes that have always been there as an underlying current in the consciousness.

I know of two remedies that can assist you and help you and that is NAC and CBD.

During early spring: In March/April, the sun should start again and this will go away.
Watch out for not detaching from or throwing “stuff” away that you might regret when you come out of it.

Better keep it at an arm’s length and protect even the unsettled energy in the safety of knowing that your inner core is still in there – it’s like the ocean, turbulent at the surface while calm in all of its depth.


© 2019 Soren Dreier

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