Fighting Ghoulish Suggestions Inside?

January 22, 2021

Fighting Implanted Thoughts?

The ghouls, the non-biological beings, extra-terrestrials, and what have we that feed on misery have restarted a very old strategy to lover the human energetic field and ship you straight into the Misery Club and out of The Fight Club as lined out in The Wicked posts.

The virus is not the enemy anymore – it’s people who are. They kicked the narrative further in the butt by creating the division we have seen unfolding in America and is still ongoing. All dehumanizing human relationships. Brother against Brother – Sister against Sister. For these entities that stuff is yummy.

I chose to republish the: All Things Wicked posts as a background explanation.

There is a narrative: “Your thoughts are not your own.”
I do not subscribe to that.
There is another narrative: “Be sure your thoughts are your own.”

Right now, the last one is a challenge.

As a healer, about 80 percent of the healing request is: Please see if you can remove these entities I feel are trying to influence me. Yes, of course.

Normally, working with this from my end, I have to check that people are not externalizing their own torment. Meaning: Projecting the inner torment out into the exterior. That is always a hard nut to crack, since I have to say:
“No, I don’t see anything from the outside, think you’re projecting.”

Right now, I can’t do that – that stuff is real 90 percent of the time.

The suggestion that the non-biological beings are doing right now as:
Number 1 on their Hit Parade: Implanting thoughts of suicide.
Number 2 is supporting the: I won’t do anything good for myself. I will back myself into that corner of self-destructiveness of saying no to every positive input and so on. (I described it in The Little Big Voice.)
Number 3 is: My whole existence is worthless.

Often these entities show up between 2 – 4 AM in the night, and if you keep waking up at that time with a dark mind, go to your anti-ghoul toolbox.

What you can do is align yourself to the Field of Christ.
Use the technique in Metaphysical Self Defense.
More and more convince yourself: This is not me. I love my life. Bugger off. (Said on the inside)
Use a couple of drops Lavender oil in your hair – they all hate that.
Fire up the White Sage incense sticks.
Force yourself into a genuine self-positive room (not the same as positive thinking) by doing positive stuff.
Have somebody you trust help you clear your field.

Mostly of all: Do not fear them. That opens a barn door for them to enter.

If you feel like you’re going through Hell – Walk like you own the place.


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