Finding The Path Of The Mystic

January 6, 2022

When we come out of conformist spirituality we will find ourselves in the Field of the Mystic, that mystic being you and your relationship with the God Force on an experienced level, not Slogan based, but learning by doing and by taking some of prior travelers’ observations and experiences for inspiration and temporary road maps, and then only until your path is clear to you and is for you.

We don’t go the same way into this and through this, even though the Joy and the Agony goes cross culture and cross belief systems so there are certain ‘events’, ‘mystical experiences’, ‘divine intervention / synchronicity’ that would be recognizable through ages and systems of beliefs, mystic traditions, shamanistic experiences, neurological pathways  that more or less will be the same for every soul who sets out on the Journey.

Traveling throughout ages, space and time, to touch down in this strange place to make our spiritual inner core choices. It shouldn’t be hard to see what’s going on right now on a collective level: A Biblical Battle between Good and Bad, Light or Darkness.

Who and where are you in all of this. Choose.

Precisely when we make that choice the detachment will start from everything our Ego got seduced into – freeing it from the illusion and entering a world of inner strength, standing up against the hurling winds of the control system jabs and whatnot  and being willing to embed the agony of that process without any hint of specialness, exclusive VIP spirituality, and to care for the meek and downtrodden in this place.

Getting to that realization is as joyous as it gets.
You standing Proud by yourself and your mundane or spiritual quest, your downfalls and your victories, is as blessed as it gets, until you have reached your inner core – since it embeds the Joyful Spiritual Warrior knowing your real powers: Knowing your fierceness. Knowing your Love for it all without exclusions.

Knowing your Love isn’t : Anything goes!

When we realize that, we can call ourselves: Spiritual Warriors

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