‘It’s Like Breathing Fresh Air’

April 27, 2018

Reading Feedback.

I received your reading about a month ago. It was so wonderful!

You were absolutely accurate on every level. I’ve listened to it probably 10-15 times, and each time I hear a new level of information. I’ve taken your advice to heart, and my energy has shifted. I’ve started being aware of and changing my comfort-zone behavior.

I talked with my son about many of the things you said, too, and he’s started looking at his own comfort-zone behavior. It has been a blessing and uplifting for both of us.

Your reading shifted me in a very deep way, and I’ll be forever grateful. Everything you said about me feels true and clear and real to me. It’s grounded, but with a very deep understanding of the energy of the soul. You cut right through the bullshit, which is so very much needed these days.

It doesn’t matter if what you say is challenging.For me, I know it’s true. And nothing is more important than truth to me, no matter what. It’s like breathing fresh air.

I need it!  But to be clear, you said everything in the kindest, gentlest way. Your vision of me was clear, and your “marching orders” were perfect, but they couldn’t have been given in a more positive, supportive, hopeful way.
As I said, I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you.

Much love to you!

Jill – USA


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