French Police Union Announces Protest

December 20, 2018

Exactly my point in: The Myth of Western Democracy – (WTF)


French police union Alliance Police Nationale called for a “black day for the police” for 19 December in France. The protest is to be “Act 1” just like the “yellow vests”, according to The Local.

The police union is staging their own protests against the embattled Macron’s upcoming cuts to the police budget.

“Police are not doing well and nobody is listening,” states Frédéric Lagache, the deputy secretary general of the Alliance union. He tells The Daily Express that the 2010 budget is “insufficient”.

The French police officers are being run ragged due to constant deployments at the “yellow vest” rallies.

“In the field, fatigue is felt and the police have been sacrificing their family life for almost a month, but they remain determined and their involvement is total even if they expect support and recognition of their administration “, Didier Martinez, a representative of Unité SGP-Police FO, told the La Depeche newspaper.

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