From Paris to Marseille: Act 11 of Yellow Vest Protests Gets Heated

January 27, 2019

Protests have hit the streets of French cities for the 11th weekend in a row. In Paris, the rallies were yet again marred with violence and clashes ahead of the very first nocturnal Yellow Vest demonstration in the city.

Saturday’s protest in Paris began uneventful, giving hope of a non-violent demonstration for a change. However, tensions later escalated in the center of the French capital at Bastille Square, with protesters and police engaging in a tense standoff that continued after the sunset.

So far, 52 people have been detained in Paris, BFMTV reports, citing police. Some 4,000 people have taken part in the Paris protest, with about 69,000 demonstrating all across France, according to official data released by the Interior Ministry.

Yellow Vest protesters tried to erect barricades with some fences, scavenged from a roadworks site, and scaffolding. They also set items on fire and pelted law enforcement with various projectiles.

The report by RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij captured the moment police water cannon hit the crowds in Paris.

Police responded with tear gas and deployed a water cannon to put out fires and push back the protesters. A number of people were detained following the violent altercation.

Riot police were also reinforced by a K-9 unit. Apart from the usual police-dog garments the canines sported shoes, as the weather in Paris is quite wet and chilly.

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