A Healers Notebook: Introducing Black Ginseng

March 17, 2021

I have been using Black Ginseng for a month now for various reasons.
The main reason has been to detox from exposure to Black Mold since Black Ginseng (also) is also known to repair the bronchial tubes, detoxing and of great benefit to the overall respiratory system. The effect is just stunning.
However, that is not the main thing that Black Ginseng is known for since  it has so many benefits.

A close friend of mine has used it for six weeks to overcome high blood pressure.
His blood pressure dropped 15 percent within that timeframe.

I have introduced it to people in Healings and never once has it let us down when faced with a with variety of ailments.

Instead of basically rewriting all the good stuff about this amazing plant, I will refer to Dr. Xavier Fruneau expert knowledge of this plant and his informative website

Health benefits of Korean Ginseng

Improve your blood pressure with Black Ginseng

Properties of Black Ginseng

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