Full Moon November 12, 2019 – A Dream Come True

November 12, 2019

The full moon on Tuesday November 12, 2019 at 19° Taurus is excellent for completing a long term goal. The November 2019 full moon will help you turn your dreams into reality because it activates the major planetary aspect of 2019, Saturn sextile Neptune.

The power of the November 2019 full moon to make your dreams come true is intensified by a positive aspect to Pluto. While Mars sextile Jupiter gives the energy, initiative and good fortune to ensure success.

Full Moon Challenges

Full moon opposite Mercury makes the understanding and communication of your feelings a major theme of this moon phase. Inner conflict between your thoughts and your feelings may occur, resulting in confusion, polarized thinking or anxiety. Tribalism, nationalism, and other predudices are possible.

Misunderstandings and arguments are possible but the harmonious aspects to Saturn and Neptune reduce these risks. This is a good full moon aspect for spending quiet time in reflection or chatting with a mentor about some of your inner feelings which you sense are holding you back.

Mercury retrograde is generally associated with communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays and lost items. You may reminisce about the past, or unexpectedly meet up with people from your past.

However, this retrograde phase from October 31 to November 20 has a friendly, sociable influence. It should be relatively easy to resolve any communication mishaps because of a prevailing sense of cooperation and harmony.

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