Going Within for Comfort

April 21, 2016

When we go within to ‘talk’ with our Soul, we are reaching into an infinite reservoir of approval, support, answers, confirmation, confidence, love etc. etc.  We can delve into that reservoir any time we wish.  In there we can ‘charge our battery’ with whatever positive emotions and feelings we need at the time.  We can then bring these positive emotions and feelings back into the ‘physical world’, ready to face whatever task or challenge or question there is in front of us.  We are then aligned with our Soul, and we are acting from a place of peace and confidence.

Sometimes we may feel stuck or we may feel that are not moving ahead in one or more areas of our Life. We may not be moving ahead because we simply do not feel comfortable in our own skin, with ourselves ‘in general’, with our abilities, etc.  Whatever it is, we only know that we are experiencing an uncomfortable feeling that is keeping us from moving further.  We may even feel afraid somehow. It may be hard for us to put a finger on exactly why we are not taking action.

We may very well be taking action in many other areas, and all is fine, but I am addressing now the areas we are avoiding, or areas that are making us feel like we are stuck and areas where we feel that others are responsible for us feeling stuck.

Most of us are influenced by our peers, our family, our acquaintances.  The influences of other people or things that we have been faced with, can certainly create certain feelings in us, that may turn into something that blocks us in the form of low self-esteem, guilt, shame, hurt, embarrassment, anger etc.

We may feel that these blockages are preventing our Soul from sprouting, blooming and emerging.  We may be going around now looking for approval and ok’s from others, we may feel emotionally insecure because we feel that ‘key people’ in our Life didn’t have our back, or we may sit with a feeling of abandonment which we cannot really explain from a conscious perspective etc. All these low-level feelings about ourselves may very well stem from interaction with other people, but it is now up to us to deal with these low feelings about ourselves.

The first thing and the easiest thing perhaps, at least short-term, is to BLAME what is around us, be it other people, our circumstances, our situation etc.  But if we do look closer, we may see that WE are actually the ones allowing these things/people to have an influence on us, and we are the ones who are not moving ahead, ‘despite’  all that is going on around us.  We are the ones who are ‘re-acting’ – we are the ones who are not ‘taking action’.  This notion may initially be hard to realise, yet alone accept.

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