Guidance Audio: Externalizing Internal Pain

June 25, 2021

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52 self-empowering – inspirational audios the coming year.
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Guidance Audio June 25
Externalizing Internal Pain
What are the dynamics behind this and why do we do it?
From daily life to psychiatry and why it can be a challenge for the spiritual engaged
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Guidance Audio June 17
Overthinking and How To Stop It
A look into what causes overthinking
Methods of getting rid of it and replace it with Contemplation and Gut Feeling.
Tapping into The Unified Field
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Guidance Audio June 5
The Pineal Gland Healing Vortex 1-2
By combining the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra and Pineal Gland
along with other elements in our body,
we can create a powerful Healing Vortex.
These are the metaphysical dynamics to practise
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Guidance Audio June 4
How To Deal With ‘Role Expectations 2:
The self-therapeutical window
Shaking the tree- Fauci/Gates
4 Planets Retrograde soon, how to use that
and then some
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 Guidance Audio May 28:
How To Deal With ‘Role Expectations’
Role Expectations often stick and stop you from evolving
How to break them, so you can get some elbow space
without hurting those around you.
Parenting, Children and Role Expectations
Couples and Role Expectations
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Guidance Audio May 22:
Andalusian Tales: The Spaces We Walk Through
Storytelling about creating warmth, connections and overall:
‘In times of Social Distancing – Move Closer’
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Guidance Audio May 21:
Mind, Body Hacking
This audio covers a variety of different topics, in a free flow of consciousness
About the Audios – The recent viral Posts -Repelling Mosquitos
Reading the Matrix – Ghoul Attacks Incoming-
Mind, Body Hacking – The benefits of Kava Kava and then some.
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Guidance Audio May 14:
Kindness Mistaken for Weakness
How to deal with it
Shaking the Tree:
Reading and predicting movements in Society, continued….
Melinda exposing Bill Gates?
In times of social distancing: Move closer
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Guidance Audio May 7:
The Divine Powers Of Friction
Society as a whole is removing opposites in opinions and narratives, why?
Shaking the Tree:
Reading and predicting movements in Society
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Audio May 1:
How to Practice and Deal With Visions
Visions from the Intuitive Field
How to do Vision Quests:
How to separate false visions (white noise) from genuine visions
How to separate the Intuitive Field from the Emotional and Intellectual realm inside.
How to trust them.
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Guidance Audio April 23:
Guidance Audio – Celebrating Dusk
The power of Positive Rituals
Rituals we have can be positive or negative or even fear based.
Some can be very self empowering, others can have the opposite effect.
How to tell them apart, throw out those that aren’t working anymore
and implement new rituals that will work well for us.
In times of inner and outer turmoil, we seem to cling to rituals in order to hold on to our inner structure,
that can easily merge into a state of more or less: Obsessive Compulsive Behavior.
How to avoid that.
A ritual, whatever that be – is meant to comfort and not provide further stress.
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Guidance Audio April 18:
Guidance Audio – Time Loops, Out of Body Experiences
Experience anomalies with time?
More on Out Of Body Experiences
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Guidance Audio – In Between Lives
(Reincarnation – How much time between lives – Karma – Esoteric Planets – Spiritual Families – Physical Families — Building The Core Values and then some)

Guidance Audio: ‘The Spiritual Dynamics of Sticking to your Inner Core Values’

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