Guidance Audio: Time- Loops, Out of Body Experiences

April 18, 2021

Audios for  the Personal Guidance service.
The audios will be published by the end of the week.
52 self-empowering – inspirational audios the coming year.
All Audios are Uncut & Unfiltered

New Guidance Audio April 18:

Guidance Audio – Time Loops, Out of Body Experiences

Download: Here

-Guidance Audio – In Between Lives

(Reincarnation – How much time between lives – Karma – Esoteric Planets – Spiritual Families – Physical Families — Building The Core Values and then some)

-Guidance Audio: ‘The Spiritual Dynamics of Sticking to your Inner Core Values’


The Audios can be downloaded using your password from the Guidance Audio Download page:


If you dont have the password yet:
You can get the password by using the Guidance mail and there will be an Auto-Reply with the password, if that doesn’t work,(Please look in your spamfolder -since it is an auto-reply), ship me a mail to obtain it.

As you know if you are part of The Guidance, I do not send newsletters and such and do not randomly mail you.
So I found that this way of doing it, will be the best way.

The Audios will not disappear, but will stay  downloadable, also for new sign ons.

Much Love


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