Audio – ‘Inner Core Values’

April 15, 2021

I have decided  do Audios for the People in the Personal Guidance service.
The audios will be published by the end of the week.
So that should be no less than 52 self-empowering – inspirational audios the coming year.
All Audios are Uncut, Unfiltered and Right off the Bat.

New Audio – April 15

2: – ‘The Spiritual Dynamics of Sticking to your Inner Core Values’

1.- Intro

Audio Download page:


It is password protected.

You can get the password by using the Guidance mail and there will be an Auto-Reply with the password, if that doesn’t work, please ship me a mail to obtain it. Before that: Please check your spam folder.

As you know if you are part of The Guidance, I do not send newsletters and such and do not randomly mail you.
So I found that this way of doing it, will be the best way.

The download links will not disappear from the Audio list, but will stay  downloadable, also for new sign ons.

Much Love



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